Monday, January 24, 2011

Bullies and Nick Names, plus:(Sad announcement)


Were you ever bullied in school?

I was nearly bullied in one school and I lucked out and got the best of him in a small physical confrontation. I wasn’t so lucky in the next school, I got the most bruises.

Did you ever bully anybody?

No, I never was in a position to bully anyone; but I have befriended guys that were. My closest friend became Donald Bentley in school, drawn together by mutual hate of a certain group in our school.

As kids we used some nick names, were they bad? I don’t know about that. I had a friend, who had a hair-lip and a very red complexion. He was called Red-eye Key (last name key). He never seemed to mind his ‘nick’ name, but you can never know what is in someone’s mind.


In school there was a ‘WildMan’, ‘Chosey’, ‘Stump’, ‘Foureyes’ and a ‘Chubby’. I didn’t know all these guys, just that they were called by their nick names. Reading all the controversy about some Chinese lady who believes an overweight child should be called Fatso, to challenge them to lose weight, brought all this up. Some said it worked as reverse psychology, others said all it accomplished was to drive them further into their shells.

lady backhoe operator

(don’t make your girl mad if she has a backhoe)

There was a boy in Belmont who was called ‘Dummy’ because he could not hear. Should have been called Deafy, but us southerners are different. I did not know him, but everyone that knew him seemed to agree he accepted it as if it were Speedo or something.

Now, since I have been on the internet I have been called many names, ie: cupcake, Hushpuppy, Jelly Bean, French Fry, Cocoa nut, Frosted Flake, Beanie Baby, Firefly, Sparkler, Grasshopper, Pussy Cat, Caroler, Eggnoggin, chestnut, Little Elf, Snowflake and Fruitcake. And that was just from one guy. You know him as Jimmy, but I refuse to use his name. I feel Demeaned and bald.

‘Wild man’ was the best mechanic around and kept up several dirt track cars.

True confession: My nick-name was: ‘Jacktum-meyanktum- hicstankstanktum-bowlegged-knockkneed-pigeontoed Jacktum.’ Of course my dad was the only one who could remember it thank goodness.

I appreciate you coming by the log to boost my fledgling ego.

Nite Shipslog

PS1: Sad note, Sweet Debbie over in Boondocks,  just e-mailed me last nite, Bill our friend from ‘Just Bill’ passed away back in November. She found it and let me know. Bill was a friend we missed in Pennsylvania as we went thru.


Phrase used when this car was new:

1955 chrysler windsor

(1955 Chrysler Windsor)

'I read the other day where some scientist thinks
it's possible to put a man on the moon by the
end of the century. They even have some fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas, something that is impossible.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope your e-mail gets sorted out quickly. That is frustrating for sure. My children all have nicknames for each other and they still use them too. None of them were adversely affected by them, I think they really like them.I did see that Just Bill had passed on. I never read his blog and didn't know him, still it's sad to loose a blogger and a friend. May he rest in peace. It's snowing a little here and it's still cold. Hope you are enjoying some warmth down there...

shirl72 said...

I can't believe you can spell the name Dad called you. All I can spell is Jacktum. I wonder
how he can up with this name. Hope you get your e-mail up and running.

They have changed our weather report to cold rain. Hope your weather is getting warmer.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Funny post, Jack. Sorry about your email but that's AOL for you. I'm on AOL but I'm not having any problems (yet).


Anonymous said...

It was mostly about clothes and shoes me life was made difficult during school. Took me about 2 decades to understand that it was / is not important. And me father called me : Blanko, as there is a famous singer called Robert Blanko.
A good Tuesday for you all.

Dar said...

Nicknames can be fun, some mean, darn right spiteful...I went by a few in school, like Obie, one fella always called me Sam, ALWAYS, but I kinda liked it. Another called me, well, can't go there. My cousin went by Skokie for years, and then San, Mel was DeeDee and it stuck for years, little sis in TX was KimoJim, Kimo, and now, Puddin'. How bout Sweetcheeks., that's Cher. The one I hated the most was Daaaaaaa! It irritates the heck out of me to this day,Slim. Perry was slim for years, but then we called him Useta, as in used ta be slim, then he lost weight and got the old nickname back. Bills uncle was Googie, we had a Snookie and an X called Corky, another called Stickshift. A son goes by Pyk and another by Stretch. How'd you like the name Nanner? Now a lot of nicknames seem to be just calling someone by their last name.
My fav was SusiQ which Dad called me all the time. I loved it, not liking my name. Fun entry bringing back a few good, a few bad memories.

Jean said...

Jack when I was growing up my dad always call me John so did 3 of my brothers. I had a brother we call Mutt, and one was call Pill. My mother told me that when I was born my dad wanted to name me Johnie that is why I got stuck with that name John. lol. Nite!

~mel said...

I could handle the nicknames growing up ~ It's when I was called my full given name with my middle name included that I'd have to worry. Then I knew I was in trouble!

Fred Alton said...

What a funny post. I cracked out with a laugh about the girl-friend with a back-hoe. I don't want that gal mad at me even if she ain't my girlfriend. ☻

Yeah, every one of the 12 schools I went to to get through the 12th grade had a bully. I remember in 2nd grade it was "Dookie" Ward. We got into a fist-fight, encouraged by his older brother and some of the boys in 7th and 8th grade. They thought it was funny when he busted my nose. Then there was red-headed "Joe Carl" in 6th grade that picked on me every day until I finally landed a left to his solar plexis and a right cross to his nose! Never had any more trouble from him. 8th grade, it was Larry. After months of agitation I finally back-handed him in the face and it was over. Bullies are just that...Agitators that pick on the week and/or meek. There were others - mainly because my Dad was the preacher and they wanted to taunt me (and my brothers) to see what we would do. In the 12th grade, at our Church's Bible School, at least two of the bullies wound up as leading Bishops in our church. Altho both had picked on me during that year, I've worked with them in the church and we are now friends! You might know both of them. It so happened that both were named Don. It's funny now - but it was not funny then!

Y said...

I think there's a difference in teasing to show acceptance and bullying as a way to bond around hatred. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila Y said...

I can't believe Shirl is accepting a rain forecast... we have got to dance harder to get the temps down cold enough for snow. Get on the phone and tell her to get to it... :D
Have a great day tomorrow, Sheila