Monday, January 3, 2011

You are more likely to be killed by a doctor than a murderer!!!

Just a few weeks ago I saw a VA doctor. She was upset about my Cholesterol levels. So I have accepted the fact that MAYBE I need to be on the pill. After all at my age I sure don’t need to get pregnant.

I hate the idea of pills. I am convinced that Doctors over the world have become pill-pushers. I sometimes think we are over medicated. BUT if I am told point blank: If you do not take this, you will die soon. IMMA GONNA TAKE IT!

My buddy Sonny was on a diet of pills. Well anyway it was a long list. He and I talked about it often. He said, ‘Jack, these pills are all that is keeping me alive.’ I believed it. In a case like that I too would be taking the pills.


But did you know that last year more people died from adverse reactions to their prescribed medications (32,000), that is more than died from car wrecks (26,347). That is more than died from illicit drugs (- marijuana)(17,000). None died from marijuana (0).

Just as a side note, there were 30,622 suicides in the USA. Doctors killed more people thru prescription drugs than killed themselves this past year (2009).

Shoot, Prescriptions killed more than the 20,308 murders. Does that mean you are safer with a murderer than a doctor? Surely not.

But if it will make me feel better, cigarettes killed 435,000 and poor diet and inactivity killed 365,000. I quit smoking years ago; I hope I am better off. I now have a pretty good diet and am trying to be active (when Sherry cooperates, that should be ‘with Sherry’s help’!). So I may skip the big TWO Killers.

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(this subject is not conducive to photos, so here is Mel kissing a pig! Don’t get mad Melanie, the Mel farmer girl, from Northern MN)

So I am wondering how they know when this medicine starts affecting my liver? How can they tell without unzipping and looking in? I will have to ask Dr. Whats her name this spring.

To tell the truth I don’t like taking this half a pill and am looking for reasons not to take it. Ha!


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Helen said...

Jack they do blood work every three or four months around here to see how things are going with the Cholesterol meds. Your liver enzymes show it. Now don't ask me what enzymes are, I don't know unless it is something the liver throws off into the blood stream. I too am afraid of medicines. Helen

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

I am like you about pills, will have to be the last hope for me to take them. In most high cholesterol cases, diet and exercise will bring your numbers down, pretty quickly too. You will see a difference in 30 days. I know you know that, just throwing in my 2 cents worth. Gerry

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is exactly why I don't see a doctor unless I have too. The sad thing is that many medications are so new that they really don't know what the side effects are yet. My theory is if it's not broke don't fix it...Of course if it is broke then you have to fix it or find someone to fix it for you. I really think that we need to take care of ourselves and try to do that but for now there are no pills in my life but my aspirin and my vitamins. I don't take either of those regularly either. I'm sure they will be checking you out on a regular basis now that you've started taking those pills. Take good care !

Glenda said...

LOVED the story of "why" of bell bottoms on Navy uniforms, I learn something everytime I read this blog. This one was entertaining as well, didn't
know those stats but judging by the photos of late
(especially the "skinny" one with the utensil in
hand) it appears you have been managing your weight.
Maybe now that the weather has warmed up you can
take more walks!!!

Fred Alton said...

These are frightening stats! Meds are killing people. While marijuana doesn't. Reminds me that we are in the last days when men will call evil good and good evil. Man. I don't want to think about it cause I had to go to the doc for a couple more shots and breathing treatments. But - not to worry - I'm planning to just go out and "harvest" a deer in the morning. That'll make me feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

Until now it is mostly pills against headache that I do take.

Over here, people probably get mostly killed by noise, traffic or strikes ;)

Please have you all a good Tuesday.

Paula said...

Someone I know swears drinking a glass of pomgranate/cranberry juice a day will lower your colesterol. I tried drinking a mug a day and mine was down last time. Now I've fallen off the wagon.

Jean said...

Hi Jack, I take cholesterol medicine and have for a few years, I have my cholesterol down and my doctor a few months back told me that I had the best blood work report he had seen all day. lol. I take high blood pressure medicine and one fish oil capsule a day. The doctor told Grover after his by pass surgery three years ago to take two a day so I thought if it hope him it might help me to take one. lol. I get blood work every six months and feel great! You take , jean

Dar said...

It sure gets confusing, doesn't it? My cholesterol was good this time but am still working at bringing the triglycerides down more. 1000 mg of fish oil brought mine down by 200 pts. in 3 months, so that was amazing, then he still put me on Gemfibrosol. I feel better except for the numbness but that's a whole other story.
Doc knows better to get too pushy with the pills with me but knows I will take the vitamins and minerals he suggests.
Those, I take a mitt full. Bill and I are finally cleaning out our systems of too many temporary fixes, prescription meds, and the vitamins are working. There are still heart meds he has to take since his heart attack but each time he sees his doc, he takes another one off the list.
I know it's frustrating, but if God wants us around this earth longer, He's gonna keep us here. Good luck with the decisions. LoveYouTwo

shirl72 said...

When you visit a Doctor before you leave
you will have about 3 to 5 precriptions. The Dr. hopes one that he has prescribe with cure your problem. When a Dr. ask a person to bring
their meds they will have a bag full. Read the
side effects and it will scare you to death.


Dar said...

P.S. Albino Any Species is an unusual site. The moose I've seen pics of but they are still cool. There is an Albino Whitetail Buck just northeast of us out of Butternut,WI. It's illegal to shoot ANY TRUE ALBINO, meaning they also have the pink eyes. Thanks for sharing the picture.

B. Knox said...

It's probably been over six months since I've taken even a Tylenol or ibuprofen. I'm not a fan of too much medicine, either.
Now as much as you might dislike your half pill, don't decide on your own to stop. I've read that stopping statins suddenly can be risky.
I have an aunt who uses two TB(?) of ground flaxseed on her cereal each day, and that is the only thing that has worked to lower her cholestrol.