Sunday, January 30, 2011

More on our New Home

We are now relaxing in our new home. The new home being a different RV site. We are in rural Florida. We have horses and cows just across the barbed Wire fence. The closest town is Wildwood, a very small community with a main street which is US 301.


(Our home from across the lane at the white fence)

It closes down around five PM. WE are near I-75 though, if we want anything to eat in the evening.



(Part of our view)

Many folks don’t know that Florida is a big Equestrian State. That word sorta turns me off. I like the word HORSE! I don’t care for Polo or the fancy horse challenges. I realize it takes a lot of training and practice to do all that stuff, but I am stuck back in Cowboy times and stories. Although I see some beautiful horses here. It doesn’t rate in the top ten though, I actually thought it did, seeing that Ocala boasts itself as the Horse capitol .


(A colt and the Mama, not far away)


(These did not want to talk, just continually nibbling here in a Live Oak Hammock)

There are also some huge cow herds in rural Florida, but they are not in the top ten states with beef either, TEXAS is tops in cows. I guess Kentucky is tops in horses.


Florida does have some springs though. When I think of springs, I see a little clean dugout with a gourd hanging beside it. Here springs put out millions of gallons a day. Silver Springs is one example, 550 million gallons of crystal clear water a day. It immediately forms the Crystal River. These were some of the first ‘Glass Bottom Boats.


(For an idea of how big the springs are, these boats are sitting in the actual spring)

I say a lot about living in this motor home & I like it. But like your home there is always something going wrong. I spent an evening taking our commode apart to replace the gaskets that allows it to hold water in the bowl. RV toilets do not have the standard ‘trap’ that your home commode does; it drops the waste directly into a tank. That way we use less water with each flush. Our flusher is a foot lever instead of the tank handle. We have been doing this so long every once in awhile in Walmart I reach with my heel to flush. Haha!

Thanks for coming this way to read the Log, I appreciate it.

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1955 Willys Jeep

1955 Willys Jeep.

This statement was heard when this car was new:

'If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00,

Nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store. '


Lucy said...

And Nebraska is tops for ucky weather. I am still not brave enough to IM with any one else and I have not seen hide nor hair OF GRANDKIDS. I think I am a little leary of how the new found relationship with Marty's kids will go. I hate to feel so uneasy, but have to be on my watch for I can't allow false hopes.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess I didn't realize that Florida had farm country too. I should have as we all depend on agriculture in order to eat no matter where we go. Hope all is well in sunny Florida. We have yet another winter weather warning for the beginning of the week. Take care!

Fred Alton said...

Yes, I knew Florida had a good number of horses as a boy growing up. Of course many of those areas have disappeared, and I have not kept up with statistics.

Don't you love Silver Springs? I remember our parents taking all 4 of us kids (then) on one of those glass-bottom boats - where we watched the turtles play "football" with balls of bread the keepers kept feeding them. You would think a turtle had the bread, then from out of nowhere, a fish would swoosh in, grab the bread and move it ten to 15 yards as the other fish went into a feeding frenzy. If a person has opportunity they should take the tour!

I always loved Wildwood and would stop for gas there when going south on to the toll road!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

When your back in this neck of the woods....ask me about the time my mom got her foot stuck on the toilet at a rest stop on the FL turnpike.....!!!

Jean said...

It has been years back in the 60's since we've been way on down in south Florida. I said when I retired I was going to Disney World, but now we are just too old to enjoy it. Pretty place where you're staying. Thanks for sending the joke we both got a good

shirl72 said...

What a pleasant looking place you are now.
Having horses close probably makes you feel you
are out in the Country. I hope you don't try
to ride one expecially if they want talk. Glad you are having good weather. We are expecing cold rain this week.


Glenda said...

Your view is so tranquil, hoping your weather is
conducive this week for getting out for your hand-in-hand walks!

Paula said...

It was about 80 degrees today but the weather is turning very cold again I think tomorrow night. The Alaskians enjoyed this day.

Unseen India Tours said...

This is simply beautiful and amazing !! I really enjoyed the post and especially i loved the Old Willys Jeep. Even i have on of 1942 Model with me.Amazing..

~mel said...

That looks like a nice place to stay ~ by horses and the beautiful springs. So how's the fishing going? Do you still need me to come down there and be your guide? You know I'd just love to do that! We should be heading out Wed. or Thurs. for TX if all goes as planned. I think my sister Cheryl and her 1st hubby had a Willy's Jeep?? I don't know what year it was; but I think it was blue. LOL That's how much I know about vehicles.