Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Daddy, and the perfect Son.

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I remember my dad with fondness. My dad was a preacher. I was the baby of the family and everyone loved me more than the rest of my siblings. Siblings is a word I never knew growing up, I thought they were just brothers and sisters. Some would think that since I had brothers that were old enough to go to war, that my birth just might have been a mistake. It is possible, but I like to think dad and mom were trying for the perfect child, especially after Shirl. (LOL). So I was born.

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 I know dad was pretty good at math; he wanted this perfect little boy to be born on his birthday. Mom did not cooperate, so she held me in the garage for three days after dad’s Birthday, and then I BURST OUT, of course I was born in a house, no stable for this perfect boy!


(my mistake, that is MY son Jack, yeah he was ‘nearly’ perfect, okay Sherry, OUR son)

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Dad & Mom’s perfect son!

Everyone was surprised that there was no star in the EAST, and the wise men actually got lost. There were no gifts of Gold, Gold and Gold. BUT to the thrill of everyone I was the perfect little boy. The perfect little boy grew into a perfect little teen, into a perfect little Marine (my DI’s weren’t sure), then Sherry saw this perfect guy and I became the perfect boyfriend. Never tried anything on dates, kept my hands where they should be and so on. So, She knew a good thing and I became the perfect husband.

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Most of you have no idea the stress of being perfect. LOL! Sometimes it has been a little too much to bear and I have made a few (very few) small mistakes in my life. They are so small they are not worth mentioning, I am sure you will understand.

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Dad at the pulpit of one of the churches he pastored.

I wonder so many times if all parents are the same. In my Dad’s eyes I don’t think I ever grew up. I was always mama’s baby. I used to hate that. Now that she is gone, I would love to hear it again from her. There were times we brought the family home on leave, dad would immediately take my car and have the oil changed, he just knew I would not do it, but most of the time I had, or it wasn’t due yet.

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Yeah I miss dad, he was the best. I was spoiled, being the baby. Life was rough in our family for the first 5-6 years of my life, but I never knew it. After that I thought my family was rich. I never had an ‘allowance’, but if I wanted a nickel or dime, somehow it was there. God has been good to me all my life, especially now since this silly guy has the ‘perfect’ wife to help keep him straight.

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At times we have the perfect sons!!


Thanks for reading the Log.

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The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

The perfect sister? What??

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Shirl and I are what is left in Dad &Mom’s family!!!!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Perfection is a tough act. I'm glad you also have the perfect wife and the perfect sister in your life to keep you humble. For the 4th and final time this morning I'm going out to shovel the drive and hopefully will be finished for this round anyway! I was the oldest in my family and I sure wasn't perfect...nope not at all. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

shirl72 said...

To my perfect Brother Now if you could ask our
Sister, Kat she would say you were perfect.
The other siblings I wouldn't ask especially
Jun. Love the blog and I will agree you are
almost perfect. We did have the most wonderful
parents. Since we came along pretty late in their life I have always wondered how they put up with two teenagers.


Cher' Shots said...

Oh yeah, I can relate ~ being that I'm the 'perfect' one in our bunch! And Sherry - tell us the truth, was he really the 'perfect' gentleman? I loved this entry Jack!
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

Sounds like you were the perfect kid but all of us that follow your blog have a feeling little Jackie was not so perfect. Oh well has tyo be ione out of the bunch

Lucy said...

How do you like that for spelling....

Fred Alton said...

Funny - you were the last born - I was the first born. Are you suggesting that if the first born was perfect, then Dad and Mom would have stopped there? ☻ Then after the perfect son, they start working for the perfect daughter? Interesting and funny thought. I'd better stop my meandering thoughts now, before ......

Rose said...

Love this Post. Well, I'm not one of your siblings but I think you are darn PERFECT!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Someone has to do it ...

A wonderful ode to love and life. And yes, life is good, thank you for reminding. Please have you all a good Thursday.

Paula said...

I think you, Sherry, and Shirl are all almost perfect. Nice entry.

Debbie said...

While reading this I was expecting to see the picture of Shirl hanging you out to dry on the clothesline.

Jean said...

I was next to the last child in my family my dad must have wanted me to be a boy he always called me John. My baby sister was always the perfect one, lol. Take care, Jean

Dar said...

Oh Lord, It's Hard to be Humble, When You're Perfect in Every Way...remember that song,...our middle brother still sings that with his whole heart, but of course, he Is Mom's favorite.
She will deny that, but it's true.
Sweet entry, and such a sweet story. Fact? or Fiction? I'd say fact. I'm talking about you, sweet Shirl and sweet Sherry.