Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cell Phones and Bell Bottom Trousers!!

Folks used to go to the mountains,lake or the beach to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, family and phones. Now, one never gets away from phones. We had two phones, one for Sherry and one for me. Now Sherry has two phones. When we walk sometimes I (having pockets) carry one or two.

Being a sailor still at heart, I roll my clothes. I have even got to the point I leave everything in the pockets and roll my trousers and put them in my closet. The shirts are still on hangers. The other day I took a shower and rolled my pants leaving a phone in the pocket. Sherry heard the phone but didn’t know where it was. So Evelyn left a message in my pocket.


Rolling clothes is an old sailor tradition. Since for years there were no irons aboard ships for ironing, clothes were turned inside out and rolled to prevent as many wrinkles as possible. The old sailor uniforms were designed for shipboard, as you will remember we did not have collars so the tops (shirts) could be rolled also.


The Bell bottom trousers were of course designed so if you were washed overboard you could remove them much easier in the water. Then tie the legs in knots, swing the pants in the air by the belt loops and slap them down on the water, capturing air in the legs and you have a sort of ‘water-wings’ to rest in.


You have a  mate that rings the ships bell on the hour and the half hour to keep you aware of the time. The half hour is always one ding. The bell rings four times when the Capt Departs the ship and Four times when he returns.


(In this case it is a Yeoman, ringing the bell)

You may not realize it; but shipboard punishment is still bread and water (three days max). Of course now a days that isn’t such a terrible punishment. I had a shipmate who was caught sneaking booze aboard and was given two days brig time on bread and water. He said it was great, all you could eat, fresh baked bread with butter. We ain’t into punishment as much as we used to.


(Resting in the safety net around the flight deck , I came here sometimes to read letters from my Sherry!)

This all started from my rolling my trousers.

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Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says "If an emergency, notify:" I want to put "DOCTOR".


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is true we are never without our phones anymore. When I worked, one of my jobs was answering phones and I used to be so glad to go camping and get away from them on the weekends. Now my phone rarely rings and I'm glad to hear when it does. How things change...

We are back in the 20's today and very cold for sure.

Lots of Love and Hugs!

Bookncoffee said...

Oh wow. I never knew that about the bell bottom pant legs in the Navy. I thought you all were just into fashion. lol No really, I never thought about it at all. Guess I just assumed it was the trend of uniform at the time. This is so interesting. My grandfather was in the Navy. Chesley Voss was his name. He had appendicitis and was sent to a California hospital and his ship was hit in the Pacific while he was in the hospital. As amazing as that is, my family talked little about it all. I guess I was born so much later it was all old news by then. I wish I had asked him more questions now. Perhaps one day I'll know all the story, when we meet again in heaven. George rolls his t-shirts so they all fit in the drawer, but that is mainly for a space issue. He has LOTS of shirts. lol Hope you all have a pleasant evening!

Helen said...

I have read of the pants flap to keep air in them for sort of a float device but didn't know it was from the Navy and bell bottom pants. The way you do it is a neat way. Old habits die hard. Helen

Anonymous said...

How interesting to read !

Took me about 26 years to get me a mobile phone; yet ever since, I have to admit, it has become a daily tool of and for work. Makes me many times wonder what me small son will be able to see in his future years.
Please have you all a good start into the new week.

Sheila Y said...

Hello Jack and Sherry, I am finally back in NC and I have caught up on my blogs. Doesn't take long to get way behind. Had a great visit with the kinfolk in Bama. There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground when we got back. Hubby saved me some in the freezer, just in case it was gone...ha. Now to start that snow dancing again...take care and enjoy Florida, Sheila

Fred Alton said...

Thanks for the memories! As a young man I was surprised to learn how much rolling the clothes helped keep the wrinkles out. Too, I think the denim in those days had more "sizing" in them to help with their ability to make a flotation device. Kids now-a-days would sure sink with all the holes I see in their pants! ☻

Paula said...

Now that was an interesting entry. Even though my brother was in the navy I didn't know all that. Your closet sure looks neat wish you could teach John a thing or two but I think it would be impossible.

Dar said...

LOVE this entry. I roll all my towels, T-shirts and pants...have done it for years and wasn't even a Wave. Your closet is neat as a pin. Not many men can claim that. As for the transportable phones, I hate them. I still refuse to take one to the cabin. That is my retreat from all else that interferes with daily living. I seem to need it more often, lately.
The kids had to know how to take off their jeans, tie a knot in the legs like you did, before advancing in swim classes, to become a lifeguard. Fred is right about today's jeans. Kids would surely drown.
It's warming up again, a whole 4 degrees at the moment. At least the wind died down.
Have yourselves a sweet night.

shirl72 said...

I was never in the Navy but I roll my PJ drawer
things fit so well. Shelia wants to start the
Snow dance. I said OK but Lucy is going to be
upset. Weather in the 60's lots of fog.
We will have to tell the weatherman "Snow
only for the South".


Ken Riches said...

Great info, thanks for stopping by my blog, happy new year to you :o) Now Following :o)