Thursday, January 20, 2011

True Life Stories

This life is full of interesting happenings. I remember as a child I was riding with my dad & Brother in law on the way to a General Assembly. A series of meetings held by our church every couple years. Of course there was nothing like GPS but road maps were free. So we got to the city limits of Memphis okay. I will never forget that day. I saw the MEMPHIS CITY LIMITS sign; just past it was another sign: Memphis-20 miles. I had NEVER pictured a town that big.


Getting closer into town strangers always stopped and asked directions. We did. Dick, my BIL, wheeled in to an Ice Plant because he saw a guy sitting on the dock, it was about 6AM we had driven all night.(No motel stay back then)

Dick: “Sir, could you direct us to the Auditorium here in Memphis?”

Man: “Er, naw sir, not me,” then he yelled, “Charlie, Charlie do you know where Auto Torium Lives?”

Man inside, “Huh uh.”

Man: “Better try at the all night service station down yonder, we don’t know no Auto.”

Dick: “Thank you sir!” And we left.

Just out of the drive all of us burst out laughing. That was a joke until Dick died.

If you pay attention you will find life is good.

I participate in a forum called Acts. Bonnie (who comments here on occasion) told this, I cracked up.

1955 Volkswagen

1955 VW Beetle

Early one morning she was going into town to pick up newspapers, there was a hill going into town and her VW gained too much speed, she was stopped by the local constabulary . After some back and forth he said, ‘I am on my way to breakfast and do not have time to give you a ticket, hold your hand out here’. Not understanding what was going on, she sat and looked at him.

He repeated, ‘hold your arm out the window.’ This time confused, she held her arm out toward him. He then slapped her on the wrist lightly and walked back to his car. I think she sat there, looking at her wrist, and it hit her, I have just received ‘a slap on the wrist’. That is the one and only time I have ever heard of that punishment being administered. She entitled the Post, ‘A Cop with a Sense of Humor’. I had to agree. Good post Bonnie, if you are lurking, thanks for allowing me to post that.

I have reached my word limit, maybe another time I will tell you about her very unique bumper sticker.

Thanks for dropping by the log.

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1955 VW Karmann Ghia

A quote from that year:

'I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way
they are, it's going to be impossible
To buy a week's groceries for $20.00.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We used to eat very well on that 20 dollars per week too. Thanks for the SMILES today!

Cher' Shots said...

You always put a smile on my face and chuckle in my throat. I loved the story about the wrist slap. 'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

Yep no "girl in the box" back then to give directions. Liked the funny entry. I remember the first time I ate at a restaurant with my friend and her family in San Antonio and I actually didn't like it. Boy I like it now, the more eating out the better. That was probably in the 40's.

shirl72 said...

I have always laughed when Dick stop and asked
for directions to the auditorium.

I don't think you every saw the Karmann Ghia we had. A fender had been damaged by the former owner. He made a wooden fender painted it and you could not tell. We always laughed if it was in another accident there would be splinters all over the place.


Bookncoffee said...

lol...Auto Torium! You should have heard some of George's jokes this week! CanNOT repeat them. OMGoodness. CAN NOT. If you all were here having dinner we'd tell you! lol. Hope you all are doing ok. SNow here!

Glenda said...

This one was a trip down memory lane, have seen
that sign at least a hundred times going home to Missouri thru Nashville! That's one town where you have to keep a sharp watch for directions. Fun entry Mr. Jack (as they all are)love the
Auditorium tale!!!

Fred Alton said...

Jack, when a city expands like that and puts their borders 20 miles outside of the city, then can we say they are gettin' too big for their britches? Loved that one about Mr. Torium! Always heard about a person getting "just a slap on the wrist". I also laughed when I read Shirl's story about the VW with kindling wood for a fender!!!

B. Knox said...

I'm sure glad that cop was on his way to breakfast!
You know how they always ask you if you know why they stopped you. Have you ever been tempted to say, "Umm, I dunno, my car smelled like a doughnut?"

Dar said...

What a fun-ny entry. loved the search for Auto...thanks for the grins and giggles. Then Shirl's splinter fender...sure can see the sense of humor runs in the family.
Gotta share this...on our way to TX with the Folks in 05, I said I had a headache, Mom said "I have tylenol", I responded, "that's ok, I have Aleve," and she says, "Where ya going?"
Thanks for letting me read your funnies.

Rose said...

Loved this Post.

I had a friend that owned a Karmann Ghia, it was a nice little car!

Happy Travels! Hugs, Rose