Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interesting places

We have traveled to a lot of interesting places. Fortunately living in a motor home full time we can do this. Our pattern for the past few years has been to head to the North East during a good part of the summer where we are chasing a dream of hiking the entire Appalachian trail. Most of the readers here know we need to hike 350 miles to accomplish that.

The winters have mostly been in Florida except for one year we spent mostly in Arizona. A few summers we have just went where ever the wind blew. Once on a trip we passed the following places of interest. Can you recognize them. I have camouflaged some of the things that were a dead give away.


100_0600 - Copy

This first one is in a very famous little town. The well known lady from here was raised here and wrote books about their pioneer days. A very popular TV series was spawned by the book and her life.

#2    What about this building?

100_0617 - Copy

It is the same state as the above little town. World famous this building is transformed every year with murals and a new theme. The year we took this picture the theme was Lewis & Clark.

Oh here is one, the saloon #10. Who was killed here?


This is the place were a very famous cowboy and frontiersman was shot while playing poker. He was holding Aces and Eights, since then it has been known in poker as ‘THE DEAD MAN’S HAND’.

Our travels have taken us to famous spots and some not so famous. Sherry and I agree they are all interesting. We have never had a bad trip.

With my hearing gone, we don’t do too much of the tourist things like shows and singings. Now when we get the chance we will go to outdoor dramas. We have been to see: ‘The Horn in the West’, the Lost Colony, Unto these Hills, The Hatfields and the McCoys, Okalahoma, From this Day Forward and Follow the River. I may have missed some but I enjoy them, even if I cannot understand all that is being said.

Thanks for reading the Log.

Nite Shipslog

PS: #1 ‘The Little house on the Prairie’ in  DeSmit, South Dakota and Laura Ingalls Wilder

#2 The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota

#3 Wild Bill Hickok was shot in Saloon #10 in Deadwood, SD.

PS2: Statement heard when this car was new:


(1955 Oldsmobile Holiday)

'There is no sense going to Lincoln
or Omaha anymore for a weekend,
It costs nearly $15.00 a night to stay in a hotel.


Paula said...

I think it is so nice that you both love the same things and get along so well doing them.

Anonymous said...

Life felt better after reading you. Please have you all a good new week. And yes, I'll take each week the next Psalm, hope to keep this photographic challenge up for the following next 145 weeks.

Fred Alton said...

I guessed the Ingalls family right away - but the Hickock Saloon and Aces and Eights was all new info for me. And I thought I knew my cowboys. Ha.

shirl72 said...

You have been all over the world. Dad would have
been proud. Brother you have a way of putting
words in order to make your blogs very interesting. Mrs. Grill would be proud of you
for your writings. You are doing good keep it up.


Jean said...

I miss them

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You all put me to shame with the knowledge you have and the sites you've seen all over our great United States. I've not seen many of them for sure. It would be wonderful to do that. With all your wonderful pictures I'm seeing more than I ever have. Thank you!

Dar said...

Proud of me, I guessed Laura's home and Wild Bill...could be cause I have My Own Wild Bill...
very cool that you two have seen so much of our world...traveling the states in a motorhome is part of the American Dream...glad you made our lil piece of God's Country, part of your adventures this past summer...stay warm and safe.