Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We moved ( creditors found out where we were!!!)


(ready to leave three Flags, our boat on the car)

Wow, the weather is nice and we are in a Florida State Park. On Lake Griffin, one of the fresh water lakes for Bass fishing. When I was younger I knew a few preachers in North Carolina, who loved to fish, and their vacations were spent right here. It is a 12 hour drive from home.


(Sherry outside our new home)

Florida is full of lakes and sports fishing is a big thing here. Us? We fish to eat not for sport. If we catch a Bass or catfish, they go into a great fish stew Sherry makes. BUT we prefer the Crappie. Next to Halibut and Flounder we think it is the best fried fish going.


(Our first time with this boat in the water, we will use the trolling motor)

I hope we can catch some this week. Juanita and Wayne Carter are camping here with us this week. It is always great to visit with them. If the wind dies down we will enjoy a campfire or two.


It is hard to find an alligator this time of the year, but if the sun come out maybe a few will come out and I can talk Sherry into getting a small one. This will be the first year I won’t say to her, “Honey, how about getting that one for Sonny, he wants one.” We seldom see baby alligators. The only ones I remember were in a ditch around a cane field. They were cute about two feet long. I wanted one But Sherry was afraid the mama was close and wouldn’t get it for me.

True story: When I was in the USAF I went to supply go get some parts. The Airman there had just come off leave; he had been home to Louisiana. He had a little alligator on his desk about a foot long and was feeding him. Beside the gator was a yellow pencil with a gold oak leaf on it (Insignia of a Major).

“Tom, what in the world are you doing?”


“Brung dis little feller north frum home, I’m teaching the little sucker to hate majors,” he picked up the pencil and began to tap the gator, “When he grows up I gonna loose ‘em tru de majors behind door to his office,” then he cackled a big Cajun laugh and filled my order.

Life was good on that site, Kirksville, Mo. We just passed there a few months ago and it is now an FAA site. Great country, Missouri.

Thanks for coming this way

Nite Shipslog

PS: Things that were said when this car was new:


1955 Mercury

'Have you seen the new cars coming out next year?
It won't be long before $2,000.00 will only buy a
used one.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great to think about sitting around a campfire. It's going back below freezing here today. By Sunday we may see a high of 12 degrees. How lovely it must be there. Enjoy!

Fred Alton said...

Aw Man! Go ahead. Get out in that boat and make me jealous then. (Jus' kiddin') Go ahead and catch a plateful of fish and enjoy them for me. It's still so cold here I don't want to be out on the water - It's 40 degrees and the wind is out of the NNW at 6, so it feels much colder. We're gearing up for another possible snow here by Sunday!

Lucy said...

I am not going to be gracious, you with your short sleeved shirt, bare arms, no cap, show off. Just joking. Snowing like crazy supposed to be 2 BELOW zero tonight. Catch those fish and enjoy. Here in Ne. carp is not thought highly of. Good taste but lots of bones.

Jean said...

I love your boat I'm sure you and Sherry will get to enjoy a meal are two of fish. Glad the weather is nice down your way it rain here last night an its a little cool today.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Crappie...!!! it takes 100 to make a decent meal..!! this old Florida girl remembers many a fish dinner.....


~mel said...

Oh ... if every there was a moment in time I wished I was you ~ it would be right now ... seeing you sitting in that boat on water that isn't frozen three feet down! May the Good Lord look down upon you and grace your table with a big hearty meal of fresh fish! Just be careful out there and don't become gator bait.

Dar said...

OK, sure, I'd love to go fishing with you and Sherry. Let's catch a panful of lip-smackers', any kind that fits the pan. I'll make some tartar sauce with my fresh relish from the garden and fry up a pan of taters, bacon and onions to go with. How bout some tomato and cucumber slices? We will top it off with a big chunk of Cho Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting, and I promise, the cake will be moist this time. (I STILL feel aweful about that DRY cake I served you...never before, have one of my Cho cakes failed-I must have forgotten something with all the excitement of finally meeting the two of you). After a nap in the breeze we can all take a ride in that gorgeous 55 Mercury. I love the color, it reminds me of the 79 Chevy Nova Bill drove when we first hitched.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about fishing. But would love to just go. A good Thursday for you all.

Paula said...

I don't like to fish but I like to go fishing. There are lots of things you can do on a fishing trip besides fish. You do look good sitting in that boat.

Sheila Y said...

Catch a few for me. We didn't catch nuttin' when we took my niece to the lake. Enjoy the warmth, Shirl and I are fixing to start our snow dancing again...
Good luck fishing, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Glad you got ahead of the creditors. Looks like you are ready to catch some fish. Nothing
like hearing the fish frying in the pan. I
can just taste them. Glad to be back on the net.
Happy Fishing.