Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rastus, a real boy


In my early years of chalk drawings and chalk talks my most requested program was about a little boy named Rastus.

Rastus was a farm boy, as always there were chores. One CHORE in the spring was planting. Another spring activity was swimming in the creek. The day was in the 80’s the sun was bright and it was time to plant beans. Word was out all the boys would be at the swimming hole for the first dive of the year. Rastus was the best diver.

boy and beans

He planted two rows, placed the beans on a stump and sat down to take a break. He accidentally knocked his coffee can of PLANTING beans off the stump. ‘AW, me, I ain’t never gonna get to the swimmin’ hole’, HE THOUGHT, as he started to pick up the beans. In doing so he kicked a little dirt over some of the beans and noticed they covered right well, so he kicked dirt over all of them. He was thinking, ‘I’ll tell mammy they must have sold her some bad beans.’ He threw the can and cut a chogie over to the creek and had a ball swimming.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA1920-06-19-The-Country-Gentleman-Norman-Rockwell-cover-Hey-Fellers-Come-On-In-no-logo-400-Digimarc

(The pic on the right is a Norman Rockwell)

(During this time I am drawing Mammy and the house and a tire swing, on a grassy hill) The story continues…..

Time passes, it is a couple weeks later Rastus has finished his chores and is swinging in the tire, just relaxing when he hears Mammy call from the garden area, “RASTUS EUGENE”, did you know that is the only reason for a second name, so you can tell when your mama is MAD?

He jumped out of the swing, getting his story ready he ran down the hill, Mammy is standing by the stump, uh, oh! There are a million bean plants by the stump, nothing growing in the last 8 rows. He knows his goose is cooked. He spends the next two days with a sore behind transplanting beans.

(The picture is complete and I ask do you like the picture of Rastus? The audience always looks confused, all they see is Mammy, house, garden and swing.)

No one sees Rastus. The picture is what is called a topsy-turvy picture. The real picture is not revealed until I turn the picture upside down, then everybody claps, Rastus is as plain as day)

The theme of the picture story is: Be sure your sins will find you out.

I wonder sometimes why politicians and some Christian leaders never learned that simple truth, there is nothing hid that shall not be known?

I thought about that story this week when the skipper of the ‘Big E’ lost his job for some videos he made years ago, things will always catch up to you.

Remember what one wise man said, ‘a secret can only be kept by one person and a friend (if the friend is dead)’.


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Thanks Helen for the reminder of the ‘55 Thunderbird! One classic sports car!!!


B. Knox said...

I would love to see a picture of Rastus. I'm sure I would enjoy it as much as (maybe more than) the children did.
Have you ever thought of posting a video of a chalk drawing on YouTube or something.
I remember a chalk artist drawing a picture for us when I was a girl at a Pentecostal Holiness youth camp. (That was some years ago. ;-) ) I can still remember marvelling as the picture of a night scene appeared. For most of the time, I kept wondering what she was drawing. In the last few minutes, it suddenly became apparent as if by magic.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is true. I think half the time people just don't stop to think that what they are doing might affect their jobs and families and so many others too. Just like we should count to 10 before saying something when we are mad. Many should be thinking about their actions too. A lot has changed in this world and many let things go that years ago would have never been accepted still thankfully some things do matter.

Anonymous said...

It is you, being a teacher of life now. Already after four in the morning over here. Much appreciated. Please have you all a good Thursday.

Glenda said...

One of Mom's favorite sayings "be sure your sins
will find you out", she must've been watching those
chalk drawings!!!
Thought of you when reading the Navy video story,
it's caused a big flap and rightfully so. Some of
the hazing practices portrayed were appalling. All you military heroes had some grueling experiences,
from bootcamp on. Great post!

Paula said...

I haven't heard that expression in a long time (cut a chogie).

~mel said...

I've never heard that expression (cut a chogie) before... I know that's nonYankee talk... lol. Great post Jack. It's so true ~ your sins will find you out ~ so you best keep yourself in check at all times if you don't want it to come back down the line and bite you in the butt.

That '55 Thunderbird is a beauty ~ when you go to buy one ~ get me one too right away ... we can be twins!!

Fred Alton said...

I like that line, "A secret is something that can be kept by you and a friend - if that friend is dead!"

Dar said...

I love this story and just imagine the drawing as you do it. I understand the ' Rastus Eugene ', the middle name coming to light whenever in real trouble.
Love this one