Sunday, January 9, 2011

Internet Shopping ‘no hearing involved’.

When I was growing up things were ordered from a catalog: “SEARS AND ROEBUCK”, mom even ordered her ‘dibbies’ (chickens) thru the catalog.

Sherry noticed a receipt on the table, automatically she laughed and asked, ‘What now?’ Of course that time it was what she wanted, the oven. We picked it up and it is installed. Less than a week: order from Texas, truck freight to here and now I have it installed and ready for corn bread!

WE went from this:


To this:


(The thing hanging on the door is our ‘Drying Rag’. haha)

We both like to have an oven. Even though we don’t use it that much, we prefer it to the noisy Convection oven!


Plus the convection oven likes to have too many instructions and buttons punched before it will start to reach 350 or 425 degrees.


(This is our Kitchen now, the biggest deal was losing, two drawers, VERY important to us in the motor home)

Now with my hearing gone, I would rather shop via internet. Not only is it simpler, I don’t have to deal with misunderstandings. Like a day or so ago:

…… We met our friends the Carters for lunch. After lunch Sherry and Juanita took their car and left, Wayne and I went to Lowes where I bought a 10’ 2x4 I needed. Then I headed for his house (5 miles away). ‘Where are you going Jack?’ Wayne asked.

“To your house for coffee!” I answered to him like he was a kid and a little thick, hahahaha.

“The girls are at YOUR house!”

I done a ‘U’ turn and headed to our motor home,(20 miles away) knowing all the time the girls would not be here, BUT THEY WERE! I misunderstand a lot of things and sometimes get in trouble for it. HA!

BUT then everyone gets a good laugh.

Like the time we are in the Dr’s. office, he said something and walked out. I undone my belt and dropped my pants. Sherry looks at me like I am crazy,’What are you doing?’

‘I am doing just what he said, dropping my pants!’

“huh uh, all he said was things are okay, I will be right back!”

Fortunately I got my pants back on before he came back. I am a very entertaining guy!!! Folks get a lot of laughs. I think it is good to spread smiles and happiness. (No I have never done that at the Mall, before you ask!!!)

Martha got a kick out of that one! But then she loved me.

Go ahead, Drop you pants, I’ll be right back!!!!!

Thanks for reading this stuff.

Nite Shipslog


Actual headlines:

Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter

What no proof reader?

41Chrysler thunderbolt

This is a Chrysler Thunderbolt (1941), that never made the major production lines.

The Kaiser/Frazer looked something like this just a litle later.


shirl72 said...

Glad you got a new oven. I think I will remove the eyes from my stove and put potted plants in each one. Then I can't cook. I have cooked long enough. But the stove is a nice thing to have you can warm dinners you buy at the Deli and bring home.


Woody said...

Oven Looks good, Now what ya gonna cook up ? It is cold, nights are like 17 above, hopefully Sunday next we will be in Virginia in Lorton for the Auto-Train to Florida!

Helen said...

You two did a great job installing that stove, I know Sherry helped you. Funny about that doc's visit LOL. Helen

Jean said...

Jack you crack me up, lol. I like your new stove we have one kind of like it in the old travel trailer. I never used it much and it looks new compared to the trailer. Grover and I both are hard of hearing and you would be surprised at some things he thinks I say when I don’t, lol. If I look at the person talking to me I can understand them (most of the time) but if they turn from me talking I can't understand what they say. The children tell us to get a hearing aid, not sure it will help much and I wonder if Sheila's doing her snow dance the weather man is saying it might snow north of us. and maybe if she is--it might get on down here. Take care, Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful for you that you can install things like your oven. It would have cost a lot for someone else to do the work. I bet you'll have lots more baked things at your house now. Enjoy the oven!

Anonymous said...

It is once again close to four in the morning, and I had to take care not to wake everybody up while laughing. Thank you that was so much needed !
Had a few problems in the beginning over here for not understanding the language.
Strikes over here until (at least Thursday) Many nice meals and a good new week for you all.

Paula said...

We call our drying rag a dish rag and the rag we wash them with is a dish rag. Your oven looks nice. Bet there will be some cake coming soon. John's hearing is getting worse and worse. He always says things that rhyme with what I actually say.

~mel said...

We call our drying rag the dish cloth and the washing one the dish rag. Whatever ~ that's one fine looking dish cloth/rag dryer you got there!!

Fred Alton said...

Like the looks of your new oven! I would give up the drawers the oven! Was that a woman doctor? ☻☻☻ Sorry. Couldn't help it.

Glenda said...

Love the new oven, looks great and you have more countertop now! You'll find a place for what was in the drawers (maybe in a tray on oven shelves)
happy baking!