Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There are times

There are times I wonder .

I do facebook some, but there are times I should not have looked at a person’s facebook. I have one mental view of this person and reality and language hits me in the face. yeah, I know I am an old fuddy duddy, but like my eye color, I cannot change that.  I try not to take it serious. Life is so exposed now, in my earlier life had my life been opened up, my folks would have been shocked.


I am glad that as a young fellow drugs were not available. Shucks to get a beer, I had to steal it, then got sick on it. It was a Blatz Beer, hot right off the truck. Woe was me.

I’m glad I did not have a lot of money to waste, or I would have gotten more tattoos.  I really do not regret the one $5 one I did get but glad I did not get more. This ain’t mine. Wonder how much one like this costs a person who cannot afford it?


This seems more fun than tattoo’s:


There are many times I am glad I was married early, I was 17. I learned responsibility quick. By 19 we were responsible parents and living on our own.  Now kids are still in their mid to late 20’s and living with dad &/or mom. They cannot get out on their own because they owe on a car, clothes, stereo's, blackberries and credit cards.

To be honest my parents did help. We lived with them for a couple months between jobs at 18-19. Dad did fill my gas tank and change the oil a few times. We were grateful for their help. My Sherry always insisted on paying rent while there. It was always given back or not accepted.

There are times I don’t want to be around family.

There are times I want to be isolated  with Sherry. I guess that is what our lifestyle is all about.

There are times I am glad I am not some folk with their troubles.

There are times I am so thankful for my health, just hang around a hospital visiting for awhile and you will know what I mean. I am 73 and have never spent the night in a hospital except to support a family member.

There are times I would like to relax, no cares, and drive around on Sunday in this:


There are times I cannot stop myself, I must compliment the cashier or waiter. Once I told the girl, “You have the most beautiful eye color I have ever seen.” Her reply, “It’s not mine.”  (Then my sweetheart had to explain about color contacts after we left the store. LOL)

There are times as an old deaf person I make a fool of myself, and inside I feel sorry for myself, a few minutes later I laugh to myself and say, “that is silly, it is not going to kill you.”

Two deaf men are signing to each other.
The first man asks, "What did your wife say when you got home late last night?
The second man replies, "She swore a blue streak"
And the first man asks, "What did you do then?"
And the second man replies, "I turned out the light."

There are times I make a blog entry too long, this is one, sorry! Studies show that unless there is an outstanding format, 350 words or less, make a good entry, yeah I know I blew it..

Thanks for coming this way!

Nite Shipslog


If you talk to the Lord, mention Vernon, Sherry’s nother brother. Just has a knee replacement, ain’t working, they redo this evening, we are leaving to drive down.


betty said...

will say a pray for Vernon. I like your wisdom, Jack. You and me agree about a lot of the same things, I do believe! It is amazing what people will put on Facebook, isn't it? And they don't realize but potential employers look at people's Facebook pages.......one needs to be careful what one puts out in the internet world.

That Packard 6 is one cool looking vehicle!! Driving along the beach with that would be so very neat!!

I'm thinking that is Elsie dancing? Adorable!!

It is always good to try to be as independent as one can be at as early of an age as one can be. Son is out on his own with a bit of help from us, but not much, gas here and there basically, but sometimes you need a bit of a hand up to go further down the road; I'm sure your parents felt the same when you/Sherry lived with them for that short period of time :)

safe travels!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say if you want to know a person look them up on facebook. I know employers that check out possible new hires on FB to see what they are like. Strange that it comes down to something posted on the internet. We don't know anything about those people and less on the net. Pictures could be of anyone...Sorry to hear that your trip is once again being interrupted by a trip to the hospital. I will pray for Vernon ...May the dear Lord bless him with a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Take good care!

Sheila Y said...

I enjoy all of your entries, so write all you want to write. Sent up a prayer for Vernon, hope all goes well with his surgery. I'm amazed at some of the things people post on facebook too. Safe travels, Sheila

Cher' Shots said...

Oh Jack, you could never say write too much! I love reading every word. I've been busy this week and finally catching up on reading your posts. Love it all!
'love & hugs from afar to you and your bride'

Amelia said...

I wish I grew up in those times... seriously.


Y said...

I love living you and Sherry's life on the lam, even if it is vicariously.

Lucy said...

I understand exactly where you are comming from as faR AS fACEBOOK. I have not been in there for days. Sometimes the drivel d You must not ever think you are writing to much, Right Paula. That was 2 of us that missed you. They did an MRI on Ron and I hoe there is something to do to reattach the muscle to the bone. I am as goosd ad new for however long this lasts.

Fred Alton said...

My sentiments exactly on the facebook thing! I used to "live" there. Ha. Now, I go to wish a friend a happy birthday, or to check on a couple of family members...then I'm out. Altho, some of my friends do post some thought provoking scriptures there. Preachers. I prefer the blog friends these days.

shirl72 said...

I don't go to facebook that much. I am surprised
how much people write for others to read.
It shocks me when I get an e-mail saying I have
a friend on facebook that is having a Birthday.
I always wonder how they know that person is my friend. It is scary.......


Ken Riches said...

It is amazing what people spend there money on these days, I know I like to save mine for travel.