Friday, November 11, 2011

Have you ever been nervous?

We are relaxed here at Blue Springs. This camp site is very private and wooded. We walked around the camp circle, then came back to the RV. The awning is out, a little breeze and a balmy 80 degrees outside. We also have an added pleasure, a train goes by in the distance and I can hear the whistle.  That sound has always said to my mind, ‘TRAVEL, MOVING, GOING’ I love it.


Sitting out under the awning, a teachers ability or Charisma came up. We talked about how some teachers can inspire. I had an 8th grade Algebra teacher that created in me a love for algebra. I averaged 95 for the year in her class then we moved. The next year in a different school, Algebra II my average was over a 100% due to extra credits the teacher gave. But the fact was the first year teacher had done so well, the second year was a breeze.

Well that led to people we knew who had that charisma, Sherry mentioned my Dad and Dick who could inspire folks to reach the heights. Then I mentioned that Dick said the only time he ever caught car fever was for the 1955 Chevy.

Scanoldpic8 032

Then She gave me that sly smile. Yeah, you looked good driving that car to ask me for the first date. I had forgotten. Dick & Kat were visiting Mom & Dad and I asked Dick could I drive his new car, I needed to impress a girl. In 1955 I drove up in front of Sherry’s house in that aqua/white car. That was the most nervous I had ever been (probably before or since) a wise-acre kid of 16 having the audacity to ask that mature beautiful 17 yr old girl for a date. I was shaking. Why would she give me the time of day? BUT I DID ASK HER!

Scanoldpic8 040

(Now it doesn’t look like I would be skeered of anything does it?You probably want to know why my hair is standing on end, huh?)

After a long pause (FOR EFFECT I AM SURE) she smiled and said , “OK.”

I don’t remember getting back in the car. I floated home, boy am I easy!!!!!  Anyway this all started with me saying I wish my English teachers had been more enthusiastic, maybe I would have better control of the English language.

But it was nice remembering that awkward moment when I asked her for the first date. Oh, by the way, she kissed me on the first date!!! Boy am I charismatic. LOL

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It is hard to understand how a cemetery can raise its burial costs and blame it on the higher cost of living.


THE CAR (now you know why I am crazy about the ‘55 Chevy:

Scanoldpic9 037

That is a ‘55 Chevy in front of the church where I first met Sherry. I lived in the parsonage to the left then, dad was her pastor.

1955 Chevy

This is more like Dick’s  ‘55 and it was brand new!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my how I wish I was down in Florida with you all today. I's cold here and getting colder. Some folks east of us got snow this morning. None here. There won't be sitting outside for anything around here today. Enjoy the warmth! Love to you both from Freezing in northern Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Once being nervous, I forgot the way to return home, walking about half a mile 'off target' until realized.
Please have you all a good weekend.

betty said...

Loved the story of how you asked Sherry out for your first date! You know, Jack, you aren't supposed to kiss and tell, no matter who was doing the kissing that first date!!

Thanks Jack for your service to our country and thanks Sherry for your service too in keeping the homefront going while he was gone!


Rose said...

Awe, that was a great share! We all remember our first date.

I also remember that 1955 Chevy! Cool car!

You guys are my "favorite" couple.



LOVE the sound of train whistles off in the distance. Just something about them. Sweet story about you and your honey and how you overcame your nerves to ask her out, way back when. And see it all worked out. You're living happily ever after. As for your Algebra teacher being inspirational, you were lucky. I have not so great memories of mine. Told me I'd always fail. And for years I believed it. Take care.

Paula said...

I don't have good memories of my Algebra teacher either. In fact I never did learn it. You and Sherry were just made for each other. Thanks for telling the story.

Sheila Y said...

Jack? Shy? Can't imagine it...ha. Great story. Happy Veteran's Day to you and Sherry. We are supposed to get down to 29 tonight...WooHoo...wish snow was coming with it...ha. Rick is playing golf in the short pants...with a cold...Men...gonna freeze his hiney off... Love from your home state, Sheila

Amelia said...

Imagine if you wouldn't have taken the chance of asking her...


Lucy said...

I agree with Paula, you 2 were meant for each other. Thanks to you Jack for your service to your country.