Monday, November 14, 2011

Things are so hard to Understand in this life.

How often have you looked at a baby, and wondered how they grew to be adults. I mean they are sweet and helpless.  I mentioned the other day, I don’t think there was a better smell than our boys just after a bath, Johnson and Johnson all over the place, a clean diaper on and you just have to blow on their belly!

scan1982-84 006

(Carol holding Ben, he grew up to be a fine man!)

scan1982-84 014

(This can make a grandpa proud! one of my fav. pics of Ben! for some reason I am thinking of a grandson out in Utah tonight.)

Then as they grow they do the cutest things. Things that make you smile when you remember. How good it is to watch them roll over and start to crawl the first time. Then there is the first steps, when they try and fail, but in no time they are running. sometimes scampering so fast a young parent cannot keep up. And they giggle and laugh their heart out at your trying to catch or calm them down.

shirl jackie

Childhood, some of you had one. Some of you were mean (I am not speaking from experience you understand) but I did have a sister at home who could not stay out of trouble.  Amazing how she grew up to be ‘fairly’ responsible. I being the baby and the pet, was a little angel.

But Children grow up to be adults. Somehow a few actually adopt a very mean aggressive streak. Some become rapists, bank robbers, thieves, con artists and so many more anti-social actions. Not all, but many had a normal childhood. Some of course had odds stacked against them because of their environment.

Bad guys, as a whole, do not think of the destruction and havoc they leave. Now I am not talking just about their victims. Believe me, I feel for the victims and sympathize.  BUT automatically after considering the victim, I think of the perpetrators family.

 What about the rapist’s family? Now, I am thinking of Sandusky’s family, HOW MUST THEY FEEL?  The perpetrator is an unthinking, miserable beast, for not thinking of his family. I have known similar circumstances where the actions of a son put a father & mother in an earlier grave.

As I started this off, most crooks were at one time that sweet loving baby, just learning to walk, smiling a winning smile that thrilled some young parents.

But we grow up, to make our own decisions, One cannot blame it all on circumstances, because most rise above it.

Thank God, most babies become respectable citizens, not always doing what a parent wants them to, but they become a man or a woman and fit into the society in which they live.

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PS:—Voltaire said back in 1764:

In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.


Now look at this vehicle:

jack wagon

On my way to becoming rich, (ha), I wasn’t crazy about this job, but it paid the bills, I drove a ‘Roach Coach’, called Jack’s Wagon.



The innocence of a baby. So sweet. So adoring. Hopefully untouched by evil. It makes you wonder when the tide turns and someone loses their conscience. It is so sad what happened at Penn State.

Anonymous said...

Great entry ! And yes, I remained awake many a night because of such thoughts. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having quite a few grand kids I sure hope that they'll do well in life. I guess we all do. I agree with you about rising above circumstances. If there is a will there is a way. Looking at what most kids have today compared to what we had you'd think they could all do well.

Paula said...

Another deep subject for us to think about. Something I have always thought about. When something horrific happens they bring in the therapist. When we were young things happened and we survived by facing reality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those kind words. The other older
sister would always say I had to much hair and
would put it up like this picture to keep it out of my eyes. I am very thankful for our
wonderful childhood. We had Great Parents.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading an interview that was done..a lovely(seemed so) woman speaking of her misunderstood brother...he was oh so good to her & her family. She was Paula Hitler & Adolph was her brother.
Sometimes family loves matter what.
But it must be very hard. ~Mary

betty said...

I often think when parents hold their brand new baby girl or boy, they don't envision this child will grow up to be a murderer, rapist, etc, certainly not on their list of what they dream for their children. I can't even begin to think or speculate what goes wrong that makes someone do hideious things that happen in our society, but it even happens with those that have te "perfect" childhood. This is just one of those things of life I probably just won't get or understand.


Lucy said...

I feel so fortunate that even though we were poor, we were loved and we knew it. I didn't mind the flour sack dresses as long as Gooche's Flour sign did not show. As for therapy,that was unheard of. Love the pictures. Our therapy was mom or dad telling me to do my chores, then I could play. Very poor but happy family.

Dar said...

I love the innocence of a new born into even this questionable world. But fact is, from a nurtured child as most of us have had the fortune to be, to a full-fledged adult, sometimes the transition is so fast that it bites back. God bless those who have ' made it ' unscathed by a fast lane and managed to make that quick corner. It's getting deep at this end too, sometimes, but as Paula and Lucy say, therapy was getting the chores done before we could play and dealing with it.
Another great entry Jack. You sure make a gal think so early in the mornin'. Miss you guys.

Amelia said...

I don't know if some people are just born to be mean. I don't know if it is a choice or not but to me, it seems like something is wrong with their brain chemistry. "Normal" people don't rape and murder. I mean, it's not excusable of course but something just seems to be wrong to me. If it is a mental problem maybe one day science will be advanced enough to identify these problems and fix them during childhood. I dunno... There's so many thoughts and opinions out there about these things. It just seems that some people are more prone to violence than others for whatever reason. You know the problems I had with my son. Sometimes I wondered if he would grow up to be that kind of person. Sometimes I was almost sure of it and then these sudden unexpected changes took place. My son isn't violent anymore. Is it the medications? Did they alter his brain chemistry? Was it just the process of therapy? Something changed him. Anyway, I feel like the cause of those original problems were directly related to circumstances and traumas in his childhood but not everyone is traumatized as a child. Who knows what causes each person to act the way they do...

Sorry I rambled lol