Saturday, August 3, 2013

Athens, Greece 1968-69

I ran across some pictures taken by a friend in the IOIC aboard the USS Independence CVA-62.  This was on a Med cruise.  This photographer was a professional, but shared his shots with everyone.  Not everyone has an eye for ‘the shot’.


Someone would love to have these I am sure. This was 44 years ago.


This young lady would be about 64 yrs old now, I would guess.  (Are those shoes in style today?)



He captured life as he saw it….



Looking up at the Parthenon, atop the Acropolis.

Below is a shot of the ruins and a picture of Lycabettus  the ‘other hill’ in Athens.


In 1969 a Nixon look alike stopped by I think he was the son of one of the Middle East leaders.  That is Captain Hill and XO CDR Foxgrover.


This Aircraft was launched from the ‘Waist Cat’ (The catapult amid ship and off the angle deck.)  My living quarters were just below the end of the Cat. Pretty loud in that little compartment. LOL


I enjoyed the pictures years ago, I thought you might like to see them. One never knows who will see them on the internet. I have always wondered about the unknown folk in the photos.

My first time here was in 1957, a young Marine:

My friend Virgil is top and I am next down.

Scanoldpic9 039

Second time in 1968 as a Sailor, this is from the Acropolis over looking the city.

Scanoldpic9 002

Thanks for coming by. Friend Robert used to blog here from Athens, I miss him. I have a good friend Tommy C. who has retired and lives in Athens. I enjoyed seeing Athens, it is steeped in history.

Nite shipslog


Do you ever look at a city, with thousands of office buildings and ask, WHAT DO ALL THOSE PEOPLE DO?


Greek car a (no name)Greek three wheeler

These are supposed to be Greek cars. The industry folded in 1990, and it is tough to find a picture.  I read they made a lot of Busses and three wheel cars.



LOVELY photos of the past capturing moments that otherwise would have been lost in time.

Sara S. said...

Love the pictures of when you were younger. I can see how Sherry couldn't resist you, all spiffy in your Navy uniform! Great pics of the kids also, I enjoyed the one of the little kid carrying what looks like his mothers purse, too cute! Thanks for sharing, stay sweet!

Woody said...

Always love seeing your pictures and reading your entry !!

shirl72 said...

Love the one where the kid is carrying the purse. The purse is so heavy for a child .They are certainly priceless pictures. You don't look bad in your uniform Navy Boy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those pictures are priceless for sure! I think there is a knack to photography. Nice to have such wonderful memories.

Glenda said...

Great photos, the little girl, second one down, in carriage is beautiful ~ she looks "Greek", lovely complexion. Always wanted to see Athens, things are tough there now, sad.

Chatty Crone said...

I love looking at older photos too - isn't it funny what life does to us? And I think I have seen that lady looking out of her apt. in Italy??