Monday, August 26, 2013

Just some thoughts

We are working around the motor home. catching up.  I think I have the steps jury rigged to work with a switch, they are no longer automatic. 

They used to come out and go in automatically if the door was opened.  The controller or ‘brain’ is expensive, so we decided to bypass it and install a manual switch. They still go out and in electrically, but the switch will have to be used.

We can handle that.

Went over to my sister Shirl’s today. I was going to help her with  scanning but I was no help, I could get her scanner to work.

She is into growing cotton and has a few plants on the back deck.  They are pretty plants, I’m not sure the cotton pickers of old, were impressed Winking smile

My day was in the helping mode, We also went over to Jack Jr’s and helped him install his new washer and dryer.

Sherry fixed the boys favorite meal, they both ate with us. Pintos, salmon patties, cabbage and cornbread. Delicious.

I am beat.  Oh before I close, you that know or corresponded with friend Mort, in the UK. His Mum passed away. He was none to complimentary of their National Health System and the elderly. Mum was not treated well in her last few weeks of life and he was not very happy.

If you pray remember him, if you don’t pray, think positive and send those his way. He is a good guy.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Mevely317 said...

I'm a bit saddened anytime someone loses their momma or dad ... yes, I'll remember Mort in my bedtime prayers, Jack.

Wanted to let-cha know, my hubby got such a kick out of yesterday's post with the cars. As the Texas Aggies say, "gig-em"!

Hugs from Phoenix,


It's good to piddle around. Salmon patties sound yummy.

Paula said...

Nice of you to help people out. 'Bout time I made some salmon patties again. Have to gag John first, he hates to smell them or eat them. I think he has a fever.

Elizabeth said...

That meal sounds wonderful! They are all favorites of mine!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I imagine your boys enjoyed their mamas home cooking. Glad you are so handy there and can do those repairs on your own as well as help out too. I did see Mort's post. It's been a rough time for him. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

shirl72 said...

Last week was busy and this week has
started the same. Cars, Cotton and
books. Glad you getting everything
caught up so you can rest. We have
one more place to go to look at
cars..hee hee so rest.

Woody said...

Now where did you learn that term "Jury Rigged" ????? I don't scan pictures, I take what I want to scan, go to a sunny window, put the picture on a sheet of white paper, put my camera on close up and take the picture, works great, like your fix on the steps, waiting for test results but hanging I there.

you 2 behave yourselves!!!

Love from the North Country !!!!
Gary & Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

I will pray for him. It's hard to lose our moms. And I guess we know what kind of health care we will be getting.

Growing cotton on the back porch I have never heard of - what is she going to do with it?

And you are a caretaker Jack.


Lucy said...

You are keeping busy!! I noticed on facebook that Mort has lost a lot of weight. I think the MS is taking it's toll. He has cared for her for a quite a while and this thing with his mom's treatment was so hard on him. I hope he can care for himself more. Tell Sherry thanks for the compliments on my pictures the kidas took. By the time it came to Bre and me, you could tell I was fading, Joe is doing well but it took some of the startch out of him.