Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trip Report from Michigan

The leg of the trip from Kellogg, Iowa to Buchanan, MI was 381 miles giving us a total of 4,908 miles. We just completed the short 179 miles on over to the Ypsilanti area, taking us to 5,087 miles total so far.

We are in the Wayne County Fair Grounds Camp ground,  in Belleville, Michigan.  Sherry’s brother has been in this area since 1956-57 when he came north with many Carolina boys to make his fortune in the Automotive industry.

From Buchanan to YPSI 035

He left NC where he was making $1 an hour and took a job here at $2.40 an hour. For a kid 16-17 year old that was a fortune.  Johnny’s needs have never been big. He has always lived in a ‘rooming’ house until last year. He finally moved into an apartment.


(Above is Wild Bill (good friend of Johnny) and Candice)

Over the years he has accumulated a beautiful daughter, Candice, or Candy, and beautiful Grandkids.. We did not meet her until late in life but she is such a joy to know. She is a young grandmother now, with a beautiful family. We haven’t seen here yet this trip but hope to today or tomorrow for sure.

We became more acquainted when John was in the hospital and we came north to assist. For months she was at the hospital most every day. We got to know John’s friends all of which seem to have ‘nick names’ i.e. Wild Bill, City Mouse, Little Man, Lying Earl, June Bug, Cozy, etc. Everyone was a joy to meet. We hope to see some of them again this trip.

Sherry had thoughts of John coming back south to be with his family, but has since realized after about 50 years, Ypsi is his home.

Thanks for stopping by the log. One more thing, Michigan is much more than the Detroit area, and Michiganders would much rather folks know that they have a lot of farmland and other industry.

From Buchanan to YPSI 025From Buchanan to YPSI 028


More later.

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Paula said...

All those nicknames are interesting. Maybe you can find out how each one got that name. I bet that would be interesting.

shirl72 said...

I remember those nick names.
I always thought City Mouse was
funny. I guess he is in and out of
the buildings downtown. haha
Glad you made the trip. I guess
Sherry has seen the floods on the

Jackie said...

I'm glad that you mentioned that Michigan is more than the metropolis(es)that we are so familiar with... I find myself thinking only of the big cities when I think of Michigan, so I appreciate the reminder.

Chatty Crone said...

I am with Jackie here - it is so sad the news out of Detroit - but there are a lot of other nice places in Michigan too. sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are visiting with yet more of your family there. You sure have put on a lot of miles on this trip. But have had some wonderful times with your relatives too! I've only ever seen a tiny portion of Michigan and that was the Ford Museum way back in 1965. We went there for our big 2 day honeymoon. I do know a few folks that live there though and none of them work for the auto industry. Yes there is a lot more to Michigan!

salemslot9 said...

we live in MI :)

yes, Michigan is
much more than
the Detroit area