Thursday, August 15, 2013

Knoxville, Tennessee and a dear friend.

We traveled about 300 miles directly south to Knoxville. Total miles so far 5,647.

Friends Robert E Lee Roach and Mary did live here, but now,as life does to us older folk it is only Mary. One sweet lady.


We met the Roaches in Florida. They were  Camp Hosts at lake Manatee. Two of the nicest folk anyone would ever want to meet. They worked at having nice places for folks to camp, and they accomplished that.

It was always nice to have coffee around the camp fire with them. Once R.E. asked me If I liked trains. Of course I like trains, then go with us tomorrow to pick up my grandpa’s muzzle loader I am having repaired, this guy collects model trains.

scan2001-05 128

Oh ho, I had never seen anything like this. This guy had hundreds of models, but also had a train you could ride on. He had about a half mile or more of track in his YARD.

They also introduced us to ‘Pioneer Days’ at Zolfo Springs. Told us about the Lippizon Stallions winter camp and always brought a smile. I never saw either R.E. or Mary down in the mouth.


It will be a treat to see Mary, but R.E., the old sailor, will be missed. His Ship (The Crescent City) was part of the ‘Unholy Four’ in the Pacific.

"As a part of a Naval task force, the four ships sailed west toward the Coral Sea in July 1942. The Division of four attack transports had the elements of the Second Marines aboard. …. The Unholy Four took part the first offensive of World War II, which was Guadalcanal. … Seventy-eight U.S. Naval ships were sunk or damaged during that six-month period."
"Why the Unholy Four?…”

"According to one of the ships logs, Quartermaster of the Watch Harry Toepfer wrote that on the day the armada crossed the 180th meridian into the Realm of the Golden Dragon, that We are the Unholy Four, since we are skipping Sunday and entering Mondays time zone

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I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
~Charles de Gaulle French general & politician


the Falcon is a beautiful bird, they build high in the trees of Florida, here is one, hard at work










Falcon in a tree

Okay it is not really at work.


shirl72 said...

Some is trying to start a rumor
that was a women driver. I just
think the person had a problem
finding a place to park.

Glad you made it to Tn. I know
you will have a good visit with your friends. Time has a way of going
by to fast. I guess it is signs of
getting old...did I say that word.

Chatty Crone said...

That car in the tree was cute! And I am so sorry that Mary lost her husband and you a friend. And Knoxville is kind of close to Atlanta! lol Sandie

Jackie said...

God bless Ms. Mary...and my condolences on the passing of her dear husband. My deepest thanks for his service to our country. Please, convey my thanks to Ms. Mary regarding his dedicated service.
It is wonderful to have the friends that you and Sherry have. That is something that no one will ever be able to take from you. Not even their death. The memories of dear friends are forever.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You all have really been putting the miles on. Glad you made to yet another visit with a dear friend. Enjoy your time there. You do have some good memories of times past. Thanks for sharing

Paula said...

Sorry about the loss of one of your many friends. I like their Roach House sign. One of my cousin's second marriage was to a Roach. Also had a neighbor in San Antonio Mrs. Roach who sold Avon. Common bug but I don't think it's a common name.

Louis la Vache said...

Guadalcanal was an epic struggle. It's a wonder we were able to win, given that most of the supplies & manpower was being sent to defeat Hitler first.

Someone else sent me a photo of that Falcon. It will be in the Friday Funnies!


Glad you'll get to visit with a good friend, though one will be missed.