Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I think anyone could do it.

Another first for me, but only with the help of ‘youtube’.  In Michigan I broke our new Nikon digital camera. I destroyed the LCD display on the back, I cracked it good.  I had already crossed it off then I decided to look it up on the net.

To my surprise, there was a ‘youtube’ video showing exactly how to to it.  It only took a new part and less than an hour with a small Philips screw driver.  Now many times I will take a chance on fixing something that if I fail I have lost very little.

So a search for the part resulted in a few of the LCD screens. I ordered one for around $20.  Better than near $100 for a replacement.

Tonight I watched the video again. I removed 6 screws. I had to pry the sucker apart with my pocket knife, but it took very little pressure. Using my fingernail I loosened a connector and the screen came out. I simply slipped the new connector in, flipped the little lock with my finger nail, reinstalled the screws and batteries and ‘Voila’ we have our camera back.


(You can see the cracks in the old one. I have a small screw driver pointing to the paper thin connector)

I could not have done this without someone taking the time to make a video as they performed the ‘surgery’.  So in the last few years I have looked many things up on ‘youtube. Installing trailer hitches on cars, fixing washing machines (3-4 of them), Steps on the motor home, and some more.  All of them have been easy to follow and save me many $ at the same time.

That got me to wondering, our Jean, here on Blogger has added storage and I think changed her hard drive, I wonder, did she use youtube?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have you repaired anything with the help of the internet?

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Paula said...

Oh Jack you're just smart and so is Jean. When I buy something new I usually try to put it together and then as a last resort read the instructions.


When we bought a used scooter for me to get around in... we used YouTube to show us how to take it apart for transport in the car. YOU TUBE is a great resource.

Louis la Vache said...

Good job, Jack! That's so rare these days to be able to fix anything - so many manufacturers make things so that you have to replace the entire unit rather than just one component part.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Isn't it amazing what you can find on the internet. There are plenty of thoughtful folks willing to share out there. I'm glad you found the perfect instructions so you could fix that camera. More and more I'm going to the net to find some answers. Glad to see you're keeping busy there. Hope you all have a great Thursday!

shirl72 said...

If I could follow instructions then
I could repair my things that
break. Thank goodness nothing needs
repairing now but my body which
is breaking down little by little.
Maybe I will take it to a repair body shop. hahhaha

Chatty Crone said...

Well I don't know the answer to your question. But I do know almost anything and everything you want to know is on YouTube - it can be a great thing and sometimes not such a great thing.


Sara S. said...

The internet is a wonderful thing, you can find anything on the internet! Happy to hear that you didn't have to buy a new camera and were able to fix it. Such a talented and smart man to look the video up on youtube and do it yourself. Love the car pics and as always Stay Sweet!