Sunday, August 11, 2013

Forgive me, But I do not understand it.

I read an article about a Houston Restaurant that prohibits kids under  9  in their restaurant after 7PM. Sounds like a good idea.  And some folks are up in arms!

What ever happened if I don’t like what you do, I won’t patronize your establishment?  NO! Some people want businesses to change to THEIR way of thinking or they will sue!


You are living under a rock if you have never been upset at someone who cannot/will not control a child who is screaming non stop at the table next to you.  OR running all around the tables playing robot, cowboy or something.

In the past few years many parents are sorely afraid to discipline their children for fear of someone reporting ‘child abuse’. I will be one of the first to admit there is ‘child abuse’, but not every physical correction is ‘abuse’.  We should get over it and stop these incessant screaming and falling down kicking tantrums. THEY ONLY PRODUCES MORE POLITICIANS!

Restaurants have gone over board to assist. In the past month I believe every restaurant where we took the g-grand kids  had small packs of crayons and something to color. Some have play rooms etc.

Now back to the original GRIPE.  If a restaurant wants to  put an age requirement on children because of past ABUSES AND CUSTOMER COMPLAINS, that is their business. It is breaking no law of discrimination, is it? But we are a ‘ME’ society. ‘My kids are always mannerly, why are you hurting me?’


Reminds me of the pet owner who has the perfect pet concerning leash rules and laws. ‘Rosco’ does not need a leash, he is perfectly trained.’ So are many others who ‘obey’ the rules.

I got the fly

A Corgi in troubleinnocence of a Lab


dogs statement

(I laugh Every time I see this one above!)

If you follow the simple rule I remember from some where, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  99.9% of the time be operating in the black. That rule is Golden, don’t you think?

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I will admit many rules I do not like. But if I am in an area under these rules, I will comply. UNLESS IT ACTUALLY GOES AGAINST MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A USA CITIZEN. So  far I have not ran into those rules at an RV park.


1948 club coupe

1948 Desoto. My friend Dale Hartness, owned one of these.


Paula said...

I completely agree with you and I do see your point.

Rose said...

I just saw that same issue on the News not that long ago that some Florida restaurants refuse to allow children under a certain age in their restaurants.

Noise was one of the reason and the dirty mess they leave behind was the other and the third reason was their other customers could not enjoy their meals.

The restaurant owners now are seeing a larger volumn of people coming back to their restaurants.

I, for one, agree with this because I recall when my children were very young and I paid a babysitter to watch my children while I had an evening out in a nice restaurant.

I didn't want to listen to children screaming and crying and being noisy. Plus, most times, these very young children should have been in bed like mine were.

There are plenty of "Children" style restaurants for parents to take their children and grown up places is not one of them!

Hate to sound like I'm bragging but I guess I am. I was a strict parent and my children never behaved badly whether in a restaurant or in someone's home including mine!

Hugs to my favorite couple!

shirl72 said...

I agree don't want to go out for a
nice dinner and Children screaming
at the next table or running around
I have seen it many times. I love children but want them to learn how to conduct themselves in different places. Church you are quiet.

Remember when our parents and Sonny's parents took us with them for dinner and let us three sit at a table by our self. I think we were 8 & 12. We kept the waitress busy bringing water until our parents caught on what we were
doing. That was the end of that.

Chatty Crone said...

Well Disco would never be allowed anywhere - in fact he's not.

Andy might not either - lol.

Loved it.

Sara S. said...

I have to agree with everyone else on this. I remember lots of times when we would have a babysitter so Mom and Dad could have an evening out to some where fancy. I also remember having a bedtime when I was that young and it was early, usually around 7-8pm! The exception of fri and sat nights when I could stay up until 9pm or the occasional 10pm if we had company over.

Kids NEED structure and discipline! I think its horrible how kids are being raised these days. They have absolutely NO respect and think that the world owes them something and it should be served to them on a silver platter. If I even dreamed of acting or talking the way these kids do... oh my, I wouldn't be able to sit for a week!!! It wasn't abuse, it was discipline, plain and simple and I believe in it.

I'm not saying that all kids are bad, but its the bad ones that stand out and leave the impression, which is sad. So, Yay to the restaurant in Houston and anywhere else for standing their grounds and trying to change the next generation!!!

Thanks for this great post, I hope that it opens the eyes to some of the "blind" parents out there.


I agree about the restaurants. Noisy children with obnoxious parents really irritates me.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a changing world and with both parents working now there are more families eating out. Mom's hate to go home and make a meal after working all day. I worked when my children were young but I still went home to make dinner for them. For the most part the kids are not happy about it and do seem to make a mess and are noisy. Many of them have been in day care or school all day and they just want to go home. I can't blame any restaurant owner for setting their own rules.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thanks you for putting the photo of that DeSoto up - when was the last time you saw a DeSoto? It's been years since «Louis» has seen one!