Friday, August 2, 2013

Okay, Now when I was a young…..

just neat
(Is she cute of what? I was probably that cute!!!! LOL)
I did get stuck on old age for a while. This entry is not on youth nor old age, do you notice in life that unique things happen. Sherry and I smile when we return to our car in a large parking lot, and the guy in the car parked next to us is loading his groceries and we must wait for his door to close. Out of the 1000 cars, it is the one beside us that the owner returns at the same time.
Ever notice how the remote traffic lights turn red just as the lonely car drives up? Or you get there.  It rains just after you wash your car?  Sometimes on a narrow road an auto follows me a couple miles, I look for a place to pull over and let him by. I finally find it and it is the exact place he was going to turn.  That happens many times.
OR…… We have caller ID on Sherry’s phones. The Phone rings, it says ‘Don & Evelyn’, but it is never DON!
(I love this one!)
LOGIC 5 101
I see this entry is going no where fast. LOL I’m looking for ways to lose 15 pounds. Instead of snacking, I am drinking beef bullion now, is that a good idea? (Well I did eat a hand full of pretzels with it).  I do love the bullion. I like Ramein noodles too, they are mostly bullion for flavor, Sherry isn’t crazy about them at all.
I prefer the granules to cubes. I have a habit of using the bullion in the chicken or beef dishes I cook, to add just a little extra flavor.  I think it does add.
(Even kids make mistakes!)
(The DN on the shirt is DO NAPS, right?)
Now naps. I have taken two naps in the afternoon since being here. I have never liked naps, I don’t wake from them feeling good, I want to keep on sleeping.  Maybe I will get used to them.
Thanks for stopping by the log. I love the next graphic:
(That includes youth and old age, good depiction!)
Nite Shipslog
Do you have will-power about snacks and food? I am finding out that I don’t.
This is a beauty a 1938 Horch Rossi Sports Capri
(German, I think)



I hear you. truth in your words. LOVE that last graphic too.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are off the old age kick.
I was beginning to feel my age. haha
Life is interesting because it is full of surprises. If I want it to
rain I will wash my car...If you
need to see a person you haven't seen
in awhile go out not looking your
best, and they will show up. I guess
thats life...Last graphic tell it all.

Paula said...

No self control here. I just ate some cheetoes and a sweet roll. Now I can blame it on the steriods I'm taking for the blood condition.

Jackie said...

Jack...continue to uplift me with these posts. Love them.
And...with bouillon, pretzels, and Ramen Noodles, you are probably getting TOO MUCH SALT!! Don't overdo with the salt, my friend. Not good for you.
Love this blog...
Yes, I do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Although I should loose about 15-20 pounds, I gave up on thinking about it. I am what I am and have stayed the same for many years now. It seems that this is my weight as it never differs much, no matter what I'm eating. I do snack. I like to eat a little more often. Anymore a big meal is too much.

Sara S. said...

I got a chuckle out of the talking to yourself for expert advise! Don talks to himself all the time, he must be looking for expert advise lol.
As far as the munchies go, I've been trying to break the habit of junk food and I've been keeping fresh fruit in the house on a regular basis. It seems to be more satisfying and I don't have the munchies as often. But I do get the occasional craving for some chocolate yet... I'm sure Sherry knows about that too! lol
Great post and stay away from the bouillon... too much is not good for you! Stay sweet!

Louis la Vache said...

Ja! Das ist ein deutsches Auto!

Chatty Crone said...

You asking me for help on a diet. DO everything I don't do! Sorry I am so late. sandie

Mevely317 said...

Ah, but I love coming over here to catch-up on Sunday nights ... just puts my mind in a nice place.

SO enjoyed your thoughts on "old age" -- especially your take on wrinkles. I was nodding along a couple places like those fake doggies in the car's back windows.

I, too, love sipping on beef boullion in the morning at my desk... tho' I have to buy the low-sodium, lest I blow up like a Macy's Day float. I think it stems from that being served aboard ship crossing the Atlantic in the 50's. For whatever reason, it stuck!

Have yourselves an amazing new week!


PS - Finally, the UPS man dropped off "Finally Love" on Friday night .... yea!!!!!!!