Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I lied….. Then Stella came to make it better!

Today Son Mark came bringing a huge hunk of cantaloupe out to us. He said. “We had a bunch of these, I usually do not eat them, but these were very good. I saved you some of the last one.”  So Shirl, he did pay attention to them!!

Home and Stella 006

The ‘lope’ must have been 9” across.

Now of course I did not admit that I had dissed him on the net about his farming ability and concerns. The cantaloupe was good. I just finished a big bowl of pieces that I cut.

This is Miss Stella…..  They all love to drive the coach.

Home and Stella 066


Home and Stella 070

And what is in here G-Grandpa? Curious of a child, what a wonderful part of life, learning.

Stella and I relaxing after playing in the School house.

Home and Stella 004

Kids love to go in and out of things. She had a ball with the School House.

Home and Stella 003

Then she found Grandpa Marks magnetic level. She checked every Post to make sure it was plum.  I see our engineer in the making.

Home and Stella 001

Rececup texted us that Stella was asleep before they were a mile away.

Home and Stella 068

We do love this part of being home.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


Unfortunately, there's an element of truth in this:
A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.
~Texas Guinan. 19th century American businessman


The Hudson Hornet 1951


I was not a mechanic, but I remember something about a ‘Cork Clutch plate’, that would get it off the line fast,  I am not sure exactly what they meant.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that cantaloupe looks good! I have grown some good cantaloupes in my sandy loam, but I didn't plant any this year. I'm having a hard time getting any decent ones at my local grocery store.
Did you start from seed or plants. Do you remember what variety?
I'm told the Burpee seeds make good melons. I think my best success was either Burpee Luscious Plus or Scoop II.

bonnie k.

Paula said...

I wondered why you mowed your cantalopes instead of eating them. Humm my favorite fruit. Miss Stella is so cute.

Dar said...

My dear friend, I apologize for missing so many of your entries...but I'm assured you are a forgiving man.
Your sweet GGrandlove, Stella, is an angel. You really have reason to love that part of your life.
Now, THAT's a huge cantaloupe. Your son had a green thumb. We have a hard time getting any with size around here. Dad used to grow them.
Our gardens are on over-load so we are busy processing. so we know first hand that
Life is Good

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow that is a nice melon you have there. They've been very good here too this year. Stella is a sweetheart for sure. How nice you are getting some time with here. They do grow so fast don't they.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay Grandpa - refresh me about Stella - who does she belong with - sorry. My mind is bad....
She is a D O L L !

Rose said...

Stella is BEAUTIFUL!

That melon sure looked big and juicy.

Hugs to my favorite couple

Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to catching up on your blog,I am back to blogging after 2 months off, been celebrating life with the "Miracle Man" as he is now called!

shirl72 said...

Glad your cantaloupes came out good
I got about 4. I have two ready to
pick. Ourplants came from a friend who gave us the plants. Mine were not as good as last year. Glad
Mark found some in the grass. hahaha

Stella is a beautiful sweet child.
Looks like you were having a good time in the swing with Stella.

Louis la Vache said...

The cork clutch plate refers to the face of the clutch having a cork face. The rough surface of the cork ensured that the clutch would engage without slipping. The problem was that the cork wore out quickly and had to be replaced frequently.

Sara S. said...

That's a pretty dandy melon you have there!!! That's even bigger than the one I found the other day at the produce stand.
Little Stella is so adorable with those big curious eyes, so glad she came to visit you!
Stay sweet!