Thursday, August 22, 2013

Not much to say (yeah right)

I start off like this and end up with 400-600 words. I have been practicing auto body work today.  I have to cover up for my stupidity in Las Vegas when I hit our new (to us) Honda Fit.

I learned a few years back that there was a paint shop in Gastonia that would mix paint to match your car and put it in a pressurized  spray can.  so today armed with a blue handle off the motor home and a silver piece off the Honda we went to check if they were still open.

Yep, and an older lady (Almost as old as I) waited on us.  Her son came out to match the paint, and said we could pick it up in the morning.  I filled the cuts and cracks and sanded them. I used the wrong primer and her son said he had a solution that would remove the primer, and I could apply the correct one. No problem.

So in the morning I should be able to nearly complete the job on the FIT.

I am actually gong to cut this short.

Shirl says she has been blending her fruit, so while writing this entry I took a break and put banana, strawberries, cantaloupe, and apple in the blender, along with all the honey we had which was about a tablespoon full and two packets of Stevia. I think that is called a smoothie. It is good. (Anything else I should have added?)

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog.


Everyone’s opinion is right in their eyes, even mine. However I like everyone else think mine is righter!



Two great 55’s  the Chevy and the T-bird.


Dar said...

so you had a blunder with the car...
I'm sure you can get it back looking fine as a fiddle.
And Yogurt or even ice cream works well in that good sounding smoothie.
you can even use kale and lettuce in a smoothie with your fruit...I'm trying the kale with blueberries and strawberries in the morning.
experiment, my friend.
Just was thinking of Fred...gotta email that good ol' boy.
Life Is Good

Dar said...

oh yeah, I grow, is that stuff sweet. they say it's 300 times sweeter than reg. sugar. I believe it.
More of that Good Life

Paula said...

You are one of those handy men. You and Mel would have had a lot to talk about. He bought late model wrecked cars and fixed them and painted them so we had an almost new car cheap. John isn't so handy in that way but he knows how to raise peanust and cattle.

Paula said...

And me I do know how to spell PEANUTS!

Louis la Vache said...

Another '55 is in that photo - the Buick behind the T-Bird. '55 was really a banner year for the U.S. auto industry. So many good - and attractive - cars that year!

Chatty Crone said...

Good luck with fixing and painting you car and RV!!

And that is a fruit smoothie. But if you want to add some protein - you can add whey, milk, yogurt,ice cream to make it more shake like, and ice - makes it cold and good - it crushes up of course.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's nice you can fix your own blunders there and save a bundle in repair work. The think about smoothies is you can use what ever you like or have handy. I love them in the summer.

Rose said...

Is there anything that you can't fix? You amaze me!

I have many smoothie recipes. I like to mix spinach with my fruit as well.

Whey protein will make you gain weight, you can use pea protein instead. Just heard that on Dr. Oz just yesterday.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

shirl72 said...

Just had my smoothie. Blueberries,
banana, strawberries and soy
milk sure was good and healthy. You
always have to watch the calories.

Glad you got your Fit fixed.


WOW I'm impressed you can paint and repair your car. I would have to let a body shop do mine.