Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wilmington, Ohio, near Dayton

mICHIGAN lastday 013

I started to skip tonight, the trip was good but the landing here in the country near Wilmington was a little HARD.Surprised smile  The sky was overcast. we had several showers and a rain as we drove south from YPSI.  This country side is FARMS!  I love barns:

mICHIGAN lastday 015mICHIGAN lastday 016mICHIGAN lastday 017mICHIGAN lastday 020mICHIGAN lastday 018

Notice here they have solid rows of trees to help with the snow banking. And more Barns.

mICHIGAN lastday 022mICHIGAN lastday 024

We left Johnny and the crew. It was a great visit. We had fond memories from John’s friends and family from the last time.

mICHIGAN lastday 001

Jerry and Debbie, very close friends and great to be around.

mICHIGAN lastday 005

Of course Sherry and her little Brother now…. and then…. below. Big brother Lefty is in the middle.


Of course Candy steals the show. This is a little Grandmother.

mICHIGAN lastday 008

This lady is a solid smile and a laugh. She is happy all over and it is so catching.

MichiganDAY2 023MichiganDAY2 024

Even getting off a wild fair ride, she smiles and is so lovely.

MichiganDAY2 038


So we added 260 miles and took on 62 gallons of cheap diesel at $3.87 per. OUCH!  Total miles so far is 5,347 and counting.(My president said we needed $4 fuel before he took office, well we have it)

We will relax here for a week and enjoy the area. Oh the hard landing here….

There came a huge down pour just as we were locating our site. After two or three getting out to see where I was, I got the coach settled. Sherry usually directs me, but even if she had been there, I might not have been able to see her well.

The site was a cloudy milky river. I found that this white clay here is as SLICK as the red mud in NC & Georgia.  LOL one misstep and you are down for the count in the mud.  I did get the power on and Sherry fixed some great chili.  We are OKAY.  Also seems to be a good cell signal.

Thanks for coming this way.

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the 1956 Metropolitan. Superman’s girl friend Lois Lane drove one of these. I never associated the Metropolitan with the name of the town Metropolis until just now.


Paula said...

Sherry was even cute back then. Glad you all are going to rest a while.

Jackie said...

A little wet and muddy for you today, but nonetheless, a wonderful day, it seems.
I love Candy's smile. You are right; it is infectious!! Great photos.
Hello to you and Sherry as you are in Ohio.
(That chili sounds so good... Nothing like a good pot of chili on a cool or rainy evening.)
Sweet dreams to you both.
Safe traveling...always.

Chatty Crone said...

I love that aqua pull over knit sweater! lol

Getting back - Sherry and her brother - I can tell they are brother and sister.

Thrilled you had a great time.

And that is a lot of gas!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry you had such a hard landing, but welcome to Ohio which is my home state. Of course I am much further north and east of where you are, but I have been to that part of the woods. The weather should be much nicer for the weekend so I'm hoping you enjoy your stay. Looks like you had a wonderful visit with Sherry's brother and his family and friends there in Michigan.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» had forgotten that Lois Lane drove a METROpolitan, nor had «Louis» associated the car with METROpolis! :=)

Glenda said...

The barns are a wonderful sight in that country, on a drive trip from Chicago to Auburn IN, I saw country much like this. You two are looking hale and hearty, glad you had a good visit with Johnny & friends!

Rose said...

Amazing photos as always.

You guys look fabulous!

Glad you had a great visit with relatives and friends.

Hugs to my favorite couple.