Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I just want to say:

Life is good, and we should enjoy every day, rain or shine.  I love to think back to times past. I just received an e-mail from my Grandson Josh. He sent me an address about Vacuum tube technology. He knew of my experience starting with USAF schools at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.
He knows I worked on some of the earliest tube type computers. I think there were about 100,000 vacuum tubes in the Burrough’s computer.  Funny thing is, it was not as intelligent as our phone or even a present day digital watch, back in 1959.
Scanoldpic9 015
One of the few pictures of me in an AF uniform.
Scanoldpic9 016
(This is Sherry, behind my work building, yep, that is the Crash boat work center before I started school)
The reference brought back memories of our first apartment in Biloxi, Mississippi, and out first son.  How happy we were to be starting a family, funny how little we knew of life.  No different of young folk today, and of course with all my doubts and concerns, they will make it. The pictures used tonight have been used before. But I happen to be thinking about them.
Scanoldpic9 070
Sherry;s mama Susie. One beautiful lady. She was present with Sherry at the birth of both boys in Mississippi and Missouri.
Scanoldpic9 069
Sherry & her mom, remember those little photo booths?
What a great time, young, ready to handle the world.
Scanoldpic9 035
Jack Jr. in my hand, yeah that was ignorant, but I was young and a little ignorant of kids. I did not realize you could ‘break them’.
That boy today:

That boy today and his first born Ben!
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The longer you live, the more memories that will invade your mind.  So for a good time, LIVE LONG!
1904 Studebaker
1904 Studebaker, seems impossible that was over a hundred years ago.  1904 was the year Sherry's mama was born... Seems impossible.


Louis la Vache said...

Great post, Jack! «Louis» enjoyed seeing the photos of you, Sherry, Jack Jr., et al!

When that 1904 Studebaker was built, the company was already 52 years old! The five Studebaker brothers founded the company in 1852.


I agree with that statement, "...the longer you live, the more memories pop into your mind."

Jackie said...

The family photos evoke warm smiles in my heart. I feel the love you have for your family, Jack.
You are a fine gentleman.

Dar said...

I can never get enough of the old black and white photos...they're the best still today. and Yes, you can break them. I recall Bill doing that with Andy, then getting up-chucked on. Yes, it was funny. It's busy harvest season so I will pop in when I take my breaks.
Life IS good~~~

shirl72 said...

I agree with you enjoy every day,
rain, shine or snow. Life is a gift and we should open every day with a smile and thank GOD for what we have..JJ was a tiny thing...You
are right when we were young we didn't know that Babies would break. I have seen others do that. That does show a child's balancing skills and they start showing that skill at an early age. We know how they start climbing on every thing. He is now an intelligent handsome
young man.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having so many great memories are one of the benefits of growing older. You do have some wonderful ones.
Hope you both have a wonderful Wednesday!

Chatty Crone said...

I really enjoy looking back with you on your pictures - how do you have so many with such little storage and know where to get them from! lol

And kids before we knew we could break them were much stronger.


Paula said...

Whoops I almost missed this one, so glad I didn't. Reminds me of the olden days when the windows were open and clothes were drying on the line. Good olden days when we could walk anywhere and not have to lock our doors.