Sunday, August 4, 2013

Funny Thing

We leave here tomorrow for Wayne County, Michigan. This has been our 2nd time at Bear Cave.  We do not know anyone here of course, it is a park belonging to a group we belong to. The folk we parked beside came over to introduce themselves. The noticed the Florida tags on our vehicles.

“We lived in Georgia, but we have bought  a place in Florida, where do you guys live?” The lady Julia asked.

“WE live on the road, but we did own a place in Florida, what about you guys?” Sherry..

“You probably never heard of it, Tavares.”

“You are kidding, Jack & I lived in the THI Senior village there.” Sherry.

“NO! THAT is exactly where we bought.  We love it.”

Julia and Sherry had an hour conversation of folks who live there, and how nice the place is.

The amazing thing is, THI (Tavares Homeowners Incorporated) is a very small senior community, and the odds of meeting someone in Michigan, who even knows where it is are astronomical.

They are fun to be around, but we are like ships in a night they headed one way us another, but we will see them in Florida, we go past their house when we go check our mail.

It is fun for things like that to happen. Sort of spices up a short stay in an unfamiliar park.

Meeting good folk is one of the benefits of our life style.

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Ever have an ‘against the odds’ incident that you remember?


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1927 Isotta-Fraschini, Out of Milan, Italy  Now this baby has a Rumble seat and is a beauty.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a small world isn't it. Hope you will be able to reconnect with those folks in Florida. That would be fun. It's been a gorgeous Sunday here in Ohio. I'm watching Mickey Mouse with one of my grandsons this evening while his mom and dad are out. It'll be interesting to see where you wind up next.

shirl72 said...

We use the phrase small world.
But it really is the people you
meet and leave and see them miles
away. Life is strange and getting
stranger. But it is have a

Chatty Crone said...

You found someone in Michigan who had a small place in Florida where you do? That is one in a million! sandie

Paula said...

Sounds like fun to me.