Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A beautiful day!

Relaxing in the motor home and nothing pushing us to be done. Last evening we enjoyed a rare treat, dinner at the ‘Lizard Thicket’ with Flavous and Virginia.

The menu is on the wall (yes they do have a menu at the table also).

Flavous and Virginia 001

I had Chicken, collards, okra/tomatoes & rice and gravy.  It was very good.

Flavous and Virginia 003

Sherry always comments that Virginia hasn’t changed a lot since 1958, and she hasn’t.  Both of these guys meant a lot to us at that time.  It was a pleasant trip down memory lane.  We all have grown children now, back then they were in diapers.  It does you good to ‘think’ how things were.  Their lives have had more twists and turns than ours.

‘nother subject…  pleasant secret uncovered.

Oh, when looking at my camera I ‘found’ 24 pictures in internal memory (I never intentionally use int. mem), always a card. but evidently Once I forgot.

They were from back in July when the family was back in Utah.

Utah trip from internal memory 003

Jennifer, Stephen and Ben.

Utah trip from internal memory 004

Jack, Josh and Megan.(Josh & Megan who now are married)

Utah trip from internal memory 006

Stella and Reece.

Utah trip from internal memory 009

Good picture of Ben (Who lives in Utah) and our waitress.

Utah trip from internal memory 022

Stella and Elsie Mae, the two Great Granddaughters.

Picture below was not on internal memory, but Sherry just pointed out that this is our entire family minus Corey who could not be with us that day. Our last day in Utah.  I give credit to Carol, who also lives in Utah for suggesting and taking the picture.


We have had some bad news from Utah. Carol’s house caught on fire a couple days ago and burned the Garage area. Her cars (One, her Corvette, her pride and joy) were inside. She and Corey are staying in a motel at present.

If you have ever experience even a small home fire, you know how devastating it can be.

Thanks for taking a trip with us.

Nite Shipslog


We will have a campfire in a bit. I love the smell of the burning wood.


Scanoldpic8 001 - Copy

Jim and Shirl’s Isetta, Oh that is Jim when he was a young guy.  The car was still in the family at his passing. In our early lives we were gone a lot. This is one of the pictures Shirl sent to keep us up to date.

Remember Burt Reynolds posing nude in Cosmopolitan? Shirl also sent that to Sherry while we were in GITMO!

burtnude 1

She always liked to keep us up todate.

PS: Sherry liked the Isetta best!



My daughter had an attic fire back in August, so I understand. GREAT family pics.

Elizabeth said...

A camp fire sounds wonderful !

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed the family pictures and your friends. I like what you ate too. Sorry about the fire - very sad indeed. And not because Burt posed nude - I just never liked 'the guy' that much. He is very plastic now!


shirl72 said...

Glad to see the pictures with everybody together. I am so sorry
about Carol's fire that is sad about
the car.

I didn't know that was Burt R.
Jim was much better looking. I
can't believe you would put that
on the blog for the children to see.
hee hee

betty said...

Oh that's too bad about the fire at Carol's.

What a wonderful surprise to have found those pictures with your family; glad you were able to have the one of most of you all together!

Always fun to get together with people from our past and catch up on where we've been.


Paula said...

So sorry about the fire. Nice family pictures, Burt, not so much.

Sheila Y said...

So sorry about the fire. Great pics! When we moved into this home, I found my old Kodak digital camera, the first digital one I had. I just happened to turn it on and there were some pictures on the internal memory from 2007. Glad I found them. Like you I thought I had always used a card. Me and Mom might need a copy of Burt's picture... :-) Take care, Sheila

Dar said...

Nice menu and I'da taken the Chicken Fried Steak just cuz it's so darned good down south~anywhere. otherwise your choices were mine.
Sorry about the fire. That's tough and my prayers that they'll be back home soon. Cars can be replaced, so happy the kids were spared.
VERY nice family you have there, Jack and so nice you all got together in one place at the same time. That's hard to do.
As for that last scary picture, looks bare-bear-vanity to me and rediculous. Love Chatty's comment about him being plastic now...even more vain and rediculous.
Life is Still Good

Louis la Vache said...

Little Stella is such a cutie!

hee hee....That Isetta was the Smart before it was (ahem) smart to build a car that small...

Lucy said...

Glad you got in the road again. I truly do not know how you both do it. You must have a smooth ride. I am glad I got to see the pictures of the bride and groom. Yesterday was spent with Spunky coming home. Your meal at the place with the menu on the wall,I would take the chicken and rice and gravy but those greens are not for me.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice dinner with your friends. It's wonderful to have such good memories to share. and nice too to find pictures stored away. I'll certainly be praying for those loved ones with the fire . I haven't been able to enjoy a campfire this year and have missed it so. Hope you both enjoy yours.