Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are we getting meaner?

As far back as I can remember kids have harassed kids. Kids with glasses were called addressed, ‘Hey four eyes’.  Or "’Fatty, Fatty 2 by 4 can’t get thru the bathroom door!’ Then there was the “Red on the head !” These were some of the mean ones.

Then there were the friendly adorable ones: There were times a boy or girls handicap or physic earned them a nick name, ‘Crip Goodson’, Shorty Robinson, Fat Myers’ and then there was, ‘Sky scraper how is the weather up there?’  One boy on the Imperial was nicknamed ‘Dummy’. These were considered ‘adoring nick names’. As a matter of fact Shorty and Fat were leaders in the community and were addressed respectfully by those names publically.

A dear friend ‘Red Eye’ Keye, who was ‘hair lipped’ and had a distinct reddish  eye was loved by all.

But today, I read of kids who commit suicide because they are bullied, in a mean fashion to the point of despair. I hurt when I read this. A young life snuffed out because of a mean spirit.

It is uncool for a parent to get involved, but now it seems it will be necessary in some cases.  I know I was bullied at times, but I never bullied anyone.  I was always a live and let live type of student. I seemed to drift to the ones who were bullied, or the unpopular guys.

Population increase along with a media that can spread a story in seconds makes it appear bigger than what it is, but it is still bad.

I get frustrated at a government that would fine a person for leaving their  keys in their car, They hint I an abetting a criminal. It isn’t his car, he knows it.  Oh, I am old fashioned. I have enough sense to know the reason behind the law, I am just frustrated that I MUST take the keys out of my car, because if must might be stolen.

You read and hear of so many crooks in this country that you start seeing one behind every tree. That is NOT NECESSARILY TRUE of our citizenry, there are many good, honest, hard working folk in this world, I have met many.

But we are seeing too many SERIOUS crimes by the younger generations.  Some of us used to do things that we thought were bad, they are sort of a joke now. None of my friends wanted to KILL anyone.

Okay, another rant is over, thanks for coming by the LOG.

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Sometimes I forget the wonderful folk in this country because the news publishes and glorifies the bad dudes and dudesses. (my word)


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shirl72 said...

I can't ever remember being bully, I know girls do it I guess we had a good crowd. If I was I would just give it right back to them. It is sad the way this generations is turning out to be bullies. They don't respect anyone not even their parents. It is sad to change them it have to start early and that is not happening. Well I have said my peace.
Bully, bully to you, hee hee

betty said...

I think we are seeing serious crimes because of video games. They are so violent at times that kids from a young age are having trouble sometimes distinguishing between reality and fiction/fantasy.

It is sad the statistics of the young people killing themselves after being bullied especially when most schools you go into you will see a sign that says "zero tolerance" about bullying. So why does it still continue at school if there is zero tolerance about it? Kids afraid to report it because the school doesn't do anything about it?


Jackie said...

I wish I knew the answer as to "why" these things are happening.
I remember almost all those little chants...(except I remember "can't get through the kitchen door"...( an allusion to food, apparently, was very important in our little saying. :)) )
Yes...I remember the terms "4-eyes"...and other remarks that were made to people. I was also raised to not say things to people that would hurt their feelings....but if I could remember everything that I said and did, I bet you that I did hurt someone's feelings along the way.
Hope that you and Sherry are having a wonderful weekend. It was cold here for a couple of days, but it is beginning to warm back up. It should be in the 80's here next week.
Warmest hugs to you both. You are very special friends to me. I'm glad we "met"...even though we've never "met." :)) You understand.

Chatty Crone said...

I believe society is getting meaner. Road rage. The kids are so mean to other kids. It is sad. I hate to see kids bullied - that subject is near and dear to my heart.

Paula said...

Leah's front teeth protruded so she was labeled rabbit by some. Thank goodness we were able to have that fixed after money to us and pain to her.


I was bullied as a child and still carry the scars of it with me. Kids can be very cruel for sure.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is convinced that as a society we are not only getting meaner but that in many segments of society, we no longer have any moral compass at all. The Drudge Report has headlines almost daily of senseless, gratuitous violence visited on people. It is deeply disturbing.

On an entirely different note, there is an interesting article and comment thread HERE about why GM killed Pontiac.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I tend to think folks are getting meaner. One comment I heard on the news the other day said that too many young people are being raised now without the aide of living in a traditional family. And until we get our family values back, it's only going to get worse. Family and family life are important. I didn't know you could get a ticket for leaving keys in a car. That is a new one to me. The sun is trying to come out here this morning. It's only 34 degrees out but we're hoping to get up to 50 today. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!