Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weston Lake, Fort Jackson, SC

We didn’t travel far, but at least we were on the road. We accomplished a whole lot while at our home port, but it was time to leave. It is that wander-lust methinks.

Our destination was Weston Lake, and we are here.

WEston Lake 001

South Carolina is known for tall pines and this camp ground is nestled in amongst some of the finest.  A Beautiful drive in.

WEston Lake 002

Yeah that is the road ahead, covered with pine needles.

WEston Lake 003

We have fished in this lake, but never had any luck, but it is a beautiful place.

WEston Lake 006

Since we were here last they have paved some sites and now have 50 Amp hookups.  It is very nice but we will only be here for three days.

This afternoon we will meet with Flavous & Virginia, friends from the USAF in 1958-1959. We were all young with small children, away from home. We attended the same church  and became like family.

Flavious and I were Radio operators. He was an instructor and I was on the Base Crash boats.

We will meet with one of the Base Chaplains tomorrow.  He wants to talk about life on the road in an RV. I have never met Chaplain Williams but like many friends we have, we met on the internet. We are looking forward to that meet also.

I guess it is me, but I feel at home hearing automatic weapons fire (IN THE DISTANCE). Fort Jackson is a training base.

Most of all we can have a camp fire and enjoy the solitude of the woods. We stayed at our last stop for a couple months, WOW, that is hard to believe.

Another note about the wedding. Lots of good things were said to the newly weds, but most of all there was a message (that I wish I could have heard) from one twin (Stephen) to his brother Joshua (the other twin).  Then Stephen stepped forward and they hugged so very tightly, (I thought about Darla and her expressed feelings about her twin)  There is something special there.

Now, we will enjoy the day, it is only 100 miles south of where we were, but it is 82 degrees, sun shining and a WONDERFUL DAY.

Thanks for catching up with us here in South Carolina.

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LIFE IS GOOD, especially on the road (for us).


Road to FL thanksgiving 001

I get such a kick out of seeing a classic on the interstate keeping pace with the crowd. I believe this was a 1948 Ford Coupe. (I didn’t care for the color, but that is immaterial.)


Chatty Crone said...

Back on the exciting road - and meeting people from the past. Cool.

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a safe trip and in
a beautiful peaceful place. I know your visit will be delightful.

Everything pretty normal here went
to the grocery store don't know
why I don't cook and have closed my kitchen. hee he

Lucy e-mailed me and said Spunky came through the surgery and is awake. Your animal is just like a child. They worried because he is


ENJOY! Be safe.

betty said...

My gosh what a beautiful place to spend 3 days! That lake looks so inviting to go and walk by. Glad you got to the first part of your journey safely; sounds like a lovely temperature too with 82 degrees!

I do hear there is that special bond between twins, even they think with twins that might have been separated at birth through adoption, they always feel they are missing something. Interesting. I wonder if other multiple births like triplets, etc. feel that same bond.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be nice to have temps in the 80's. Here we are to get to 60 today. They are saying this is our Indian Summer as we've had our first freeze of the year. Right now it is 36. I think it is great you get to visit with some friends while traveling. The wedding pictures are all just beautiful. Hope you enjoy your day and that wonderful weather.