Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Camp Fire

There are  things that ease my mind and let me relax: Being outdoors, isolated water falls, beautiful streams and camp fires.

Campfire 002

The weather is conducive to being outside, so Sherry was outside doing her Bible reading. (Taken from my computer seat here inside)

We are fortunate here because when we are at our home base or some parks we do not get to have a fire. Fortunately here the risk of wild fire is low this season so we can have one.

Campfire 003

While in Las Vegas cousin Howard Dewey gave us a stack of RV related magazines, now months later we have time to sit and go thru them. The stack is on the table.

Campfire 006

The above shot is a practice shot with a delayed timed shot on our old camera.

Campfire 008

Sherry prepared our favorite Campfire snack, Hot Chocolate and pop corn. Now this is the life.  This is one of the reasons we are on-the-road, not a care, open air and good company.

Speaking of good company the neighbor walked over. Explaining he is a farmer from Indiana here to see his Grand daughter graduate from Basic training at Fort Jackson then trans port her to the next duty station at Ft. Lee Virginia.

He was quite the talker. Farms 1250 acres in Indiana but lives about fifty yards inside Ohio. I mentioned silo’s because I was surprised at the type of Silo my friend Kenneth Conrad had in Missouri. Being from NC the only Silo I had ever seen was standing tall, white and round.  Smile

He explained how they mixed corn, alfalfa and molasses.  That brought up Paula and John. Paula was the first I ever heard mention using molasses as cattle feed, I always thought that was HUMAN (boy’s food! Winking smile).  Lucy disagrees with that a bunch!

Anyway we passed a pleasant evening with a visit and a great campfire. Life is indeed good.

Thanks for coming to Fort Jackson with us.

Nite Shipslog


We are expecting the base chaplain over tonight to talk about RV life. We met on the internet and am looking forward to seeing him. The only other Chaplain I have met in a friendly, visiting way is Mixon, Ora’s hubby. He and She are very nice and pleasant folk.


j n S dune buggy2

Fun vehicles, I forgot about Shirl’s dune buggy!


Jean said...

You guys look so relaxed it makes me want to go camping something we haven't done in YEARS. I like to sit out with a fire burning. Good picture's of you and Sherry. Take care. Jean

Sara S. said...

I have to agree, there is nothing more relaxing than a fire. We spent a lot of time camping growing up and the evenings sitting around the fire were always the best part of the day. We even had fire pit nights over at mom and dad's. Spend the day playing outside games and then the evenings sitting around the fire pit having a few cocktails and telling stories. Great post and great memories. Stay Sweet!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so agree with you. There are few comforts as great as a nice warm and welcoming camp fire. Thanks for sharing yours with us.


Sitting around a campfire is relaxing and nice. Happy Halloween. Enjoy!

Woody said...

Open Air, Campfires, relaxing with your Honey looks good, good job with the camera on the picture of you 2, we do that a lot so we have both of us in the photo, Snow around us but we are getting heavy rain !!
take care
Thanks for sharing with us!!

Lucy said...

I have to admit , you look so relaxed and you, Jack, look much happier. Molasses makes me shudder. So does collard greens and what ever else that you had for dinner that was a vegetable????

betty said...

The delayed picture taking turned out great Jack!! Great picture of the two of you!

It is neat to have the time to sit around the fire and chat or to look at a magazine or two; that indeed is the good life indeed!


Paula said...

I want to ride in Shirl's dune buggy. You two look so relaxed with that fire. Made me think I'll go fix us some hot chocolate in my Keurig even if it is warm outside.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» wishes he could join you and Sherry for some of that campfire hot chocolate and popcorn!

Did Shirl keep that dune buggy below 100 mph at all times?

The inquiring mind of «Louis la Vache» wants to know!

The Friday Funnies are posted now...

Glenda said...

Thanks, Jack for remembeing Kenneth Conrad,unfortunately due to Alzheimers, he would not remember; but I do. And, yes, this is a wonderul reminder :) HOPE YOU R HAVING A GREAT TIME!

Chatty Crone said...

Popcorn and hot chocolate and not a care in the world - wonderful.

salemslot9 said...

your Sherry has lovely hair
you have an attractive
sea captain/shipmaster beard :)