Monday, October 21, 2013

Hiding things

Remember if you hide anything, it may not be found.
There are folks who can find things better than others. Call it a gift or knack,  what ever it is the FINDER  in his/her mind is probably systematic in their search.  Our lady Paula, the blogger from Texas  is a Finder.
But remember if you hide anything and YOU FORGET, thou art in trouble.  Case in point, I disassembled my remote control lighting system for my chalk drawing. I even forgot I disassembled it, much less where I put the STUFF. So when I did the last presentation I was missing my usual 5 colored lights. I found enough holders for four lights, so I used them. BUT I spent hours searching, where in common sense did I put the other box of STUFF?
Who knows, and presently who cares. I finished the program, it came off pretty well so my substitutions worked ok.  In my book, ‘Gracefully Grasping for Dignity’, I cautioned the seniors about hiding important things. Gold and money are the two things most hid, and maybe forgotten. so Imma not worried about a couple light fixtures controls and some chalk, it it not $10,000 in value.
But I thought it would be a good reminder if you are one who tends to hide things, remember if you tell no one, it may be years before some stranger finds your STUFF and enjoys it. something your family could have enjoyed.

Just a thought (I seem to have a lot of them). A few years ago there was an incident where a carpenter found close to a $100,000 in a wall in a home he was remodeling for the owner. He told the owner, and of course expected a pretty good reward for finding it. Long story shortened. The bills were more valuable than face value because of their antiquity. Owner and carpenter argued, it made the papers, of course the IRS got interested, and before it was over the money,  ended up mostly in the hands of the government.
The money had been hidden by previous owners during the depression. The man who hid it died without telling anyone. His widow sold the house. It was resold several times and in the 1990’s the money was found.
So at my age, I am going to have to hide things in plain view! I wish I had a lot of money to hide in plain view!  hahaha
Nite Shipslog
80% of seniors hide ‘something’, not always money, but something they treasure.  I wonder how much is found by strangers later.
1938 Studebaker President shirl
The 1938 Studebaker President once owned by my Sister Shirl.  This was a beautiful car.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find something that someone hid.

bonnie k.

shirl72 said...

I don't have anything I need to hide and I can't even find things in plain view. I have found things that I forgot I had and that is a surprise.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't have one thing to hide - but you know my mother in law did that. My FIL found money stuck everywhere!

Paula said...

I'm like Shirl so often I find things I didn't remember I had. We spend to much time looking for John's glasses. I bought a ceramic owl that is really a napkin holder but works so well to keep his glass case with his glasses in. If he would just put them in it he could always find them.

Jackie said...

I haven't hidden anything....but have misplaced more stuff than I care to mention
My father-in-law (now deceased) hid a great deal of silver coins in his pantry in a box underneath bags of rice. We didn't know he had the coins much less that he had hidden them. It was QUITE a surprise to find that the bags of "rice" were actually bags of old silver coins.
I think that older people are more likely to "hide" things. I'm not sure why....

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» is notorious for putting things where he thinks he will be able to find them...only not to be able to find them when he needs them...

Shirl's '38 President is indeed a great looking car!

Jean said...

Hi Jack, I don't have to hide things just put them up and forget where I put them. I lose my car keys, and most of all my eye glasses. I now have about eight pairs of reading glasses. Lol. We have to hunt the TV remote quite often, but I didn't hide it. Take care. Jean

betty said...

Glad to hear the presentation went well. I totally agree about letting people know if you are hiding something where it might be hidden, even if you put that info in your will to be read after you pass. I think I told the story of my uncle, who made grandfather clocks. He hid $5000 in cash in one of them, which was found at auction of his stuff and only found because my sister bought that clock and found the envelope of money. She turned it back into the estate, but we wonder if there were other clocks that had similar envelopes in them and no one else returned them. Good advice!

(I'm taking a break from making entries on my blog, I put it private, but I'm still going to be commenting :)



I can relate to this. My FIL before he passed hid things in the rafters of his house.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't hide things so much as I put them somewhere for safe keeping. I can not tell you how many hours I spend in the re-search department. Searching for that safe place..It is one thing I'm very bad at. No money or treasures hidden but lots of other things. I've learned to always put my keys in the same place so at least I can find them. Glad your chalk drawing went off ok. You'll probably find the lights someplace when you don't need them. The sun is up and out here this morning but it's only 36 degrees out. BrrrChill!