Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sooo What do you want for Christmas?

In my childhood I remember hearing that question. It must have been around November. I am sure I named a lot of things. I did get some goodies for Christmas. I always loved what I got (as far as I can remember).

One of my wishes was always skates. After traveling a lot and looking back on my life I realized that the term ‘skates’ mean something different South and North. South it was always roller skates. I thought ice skates were for folks in Holland and the Netherlands. In my later years I learned Americans also enjoyed the past-time of ice skates. I do wish I had experienced ice skating and skiing.

Nooo, I am not about to try to learn. My childhood friends, Vondale and Buddy both have skied in their later years, but not I. The situation never presented itself.

But back to my childhood list. Bicycle was always tops, followed by skates then BB gun.

Two Christmases up to my 14th birthday I did get bicycles. The first was a 20” used Indian make, the second was on my 12th birthday I did get a brand new J.C. Higgins bike. The rest of the years were divided by skates and air-rifles. There was never a Christmas when I got nothing.

Birthdays and Christmas have become challenging for moms and pops of today. It seems today that kids expect ‘more’ this year than last. I do feel sorry for folks who go in debt at Christmas to outdo last year or their peers.

I won’t discuss prices of todays gifts, but they do seem to be out of proportion according to income.

My BEST gifts were the bikes (used and new). What was your favorite childhood gift?

Yeah I know it is early, but it hit me. hahahaha.

Thanks for coming this way.

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A gift of love is the best gift you will ever give, OR GET!  (Christmas or any other time)


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Paula said...

Probably a doll, a kupie (sp) and I think I liked the rubber dolly best. I hate to see peole go into debt to keep up with the Jonses.

Paula said...

People, I just can't spell tonight.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Shirl will be happy you put those 2 '59 "Goats" on your blog, particularly the black and white one!

Louis la Vache said...

Re the debt - Obama thinks it's OK. He has run up the national debt in five years more than the previous 43 presidents combined. Some record, huh?!

Dar said...

I didn't even have to think about this one...I always wanted to be a majorette, but never was. Mom knew it tho, and she didn't know I knew, but I Did know, that it was she who made the most beautiful hot pink and brown satin majorette outfit for me and Not Santa. Along with it came a baton. Thanks for sparking a sweet time in my wee world.
Life is Good, Isn't It?
love you guys

betty said...

I did try ice skating a few times when the kids were little. I hugged the side of the rink a lot and never got daring to do much more. Skiing I never had a desire to do, though son and hubby did it a few times when we lived in Montana. I was always afraid of falling and breaking something.

I do remember loving to roller skate when I was younger.

I know, it is ridiculous how much people spend on Christmases and birthdays. We drive by parks where there are birthday parties for kids, bouncing houses rented, tables, chairs, sometimes even catered food. Ridiculous!



CLOTHES were always my favorite Xmas gift. But like you I got bikes too.

Lucy said...

I think a coloring book and colors. I always wanted a doll and I must have been 4 or 5 and of course I meandered out of bed and even though it was dark, I saw this beautiful doll with "real" hair and her eyes closed. My sisters had to sleep in the living room on a pull out sofa I woke them of course.I never asked for a bike or roller skates because all we had was dirt and believe me I knew what would roll & wwouldn't.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to love roller skating and riding bikes when I was young. I think my favorite gift was a doll I got one year as I still remember her. Kids today still get all those things too. Christmas is a challenge for me every year when it comes to getting something for everyone in my family and this year is no different. I'm hoping some inspiration comes my way soon. I don't spend a lot as I don't have much to spend, but will be making something for each one. Christmas has been on my mind too.

Chatty Crone said...

You are right it is that time of year to start thinking about what the kids want for Christmas. I love to shop and get people what they want.

Your parents seem good at it too.

I have to be honest and say I don't have the memory you have about Christmas.


shirl72 said...

I got exciting about baby dolls
the Roller Skates were the biggest
thing. I did ice skate at Eastland
when they got the ice skating rink.
It is fun but I think the fall hurts
worse than falling on roller skates
but lots of fun.

shirl72 said...

PS: Glad to see the 59 Dodge looks
like my car that I loves.

Mevely317 said...

Now you've hit a "soft spot" in my heart, Jack ... love looking back at Christmas' past ... tho' I'm a bit embarrassed now, recalling how spoiled and "entitled" I must have felt. (No, we didn't have $, but I supposed there was a tree growing dollar bills somewhere.)

To answer your question? Hands down, books -- any sort would do, but my favs usually were about horses or dogs.

PS - This is out of order, but loved what I just read of your recollections of good times spent with Ace!

Hugs from Phoenix!