Thursday, October 17, 2013

The ‘FOREVER’ pill!

Pharmaceutical companies have done well in many area by the consumer.  But over all the one thing that stands out is: ‘there is coming to your corner’ a drug store.  remember when every ‘good intersection’ had at least 2 major gas stations?

I honestly believe there was a time when the  family doctor wanted to heal or cure you. Folks went to the doctor when they were really sick and in pain.  The doctor's visit was something you could afford, or you could pay him a little as time went on, it was probably paid off before your next visit there.

Now I am not saying ALL DOCTORS, but many doctors DO NOT want you well enough to NOT DEPEND on them. I am not talking about serious life threatening problems, heart attacks, back (spine) problems, EYES, etc,  But it seems to be as my neighbor in Missouri once said about Osteopaths, “Jack, my wife is head nurse at the Osteopath Hospital, and she feels that the O is becoming like the medical doctor, prescribe a pill, they’re now pill pushers.”  That may or may not be so, but we Americans are sure buying a lot of PILLS.

What builds these beautiful architecturally  ‘wonderful’ hospitals?  What builds these many huge drug stores? PILLS!

Before his death, my friend Sonny was taking probably 20-30 different pills a day. He said, I would quit them, but I believe they are keeping me a live.  He was probably right, he had serious medical problems.

What bugs me is the FOREVER PILL. Pharmaceutical CEO’s push for the development of the pill that one needs for the rest of their life. Presently the Statin is the major ‘FOREVER PILL’, once on it you stay on it for the rest of your life. The cost does not go down.

In reality I know R&D costs millions, but once those costs are recovered the drug cost should be lowered. I have read costs estimates of 5¢ to 25¢ per pill that sells for $5 to $50 each.  Our medical costs are already into the sky. I just read where  a friend looked at a detail of his surgery and the razor that shaved him in prep for surgery cost $240.  DAT B some razor!

My Dr. has prescribed a statin for me. I have dropped it a couple times, and it upsets him no end.

I keep debating mine, do you have a forever pill?

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I have sense enough to know there are folks who NEED medication. But does every child need a pill to calm them?  Does every mother and dad need Valium in order to relax?


Mistakes are made…..  Was this the Riviera Buick?  Anyway it was a design mistake.


This was not bad looking car, the EDSEL, but it was produced at the wrong time, and could not sustain itself in sales.

(These are my novice opinions, I didn’t care much for the bob-tail caddy either)



Jackie said...

I only take one med...and I only started taking it this year. It is a pill I am supposed to take once a week for osteoporosis. I said "supposed" to take because sometimes I forget to take it. To be 63 and only have to take one pill, I count my blessings.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Right now my forever pill is a couple of aspirin. I don't take them every day, but they seem to help what ails me. It is amazing the amount of drugstores we have now. I remember when there were really only three in our town now they are everywhere. It's true maybe those pills are keeping folks alive. Some probably need them. I do remember when there were sometimes two gas stations maybe 3 on ever major intersection in our town. Now you only see that on interstate exits. Our town used to be like that but now we only have five that I can think of within the city limits. What a change . I've often wondered about that when there are more and more cars being driven. Maybe those folks fill up on the interstates exits as so many work out of town now. it's very chilly here this morning. The furnace is running so I'm keeping warm inside.

shirl72 said...

If your toe hurts they have a pill,
whatever you tell the Dr. they have
a pill. My former Dr. would not give you a pill unless it was a necessity. Once I wanted to loose 5 lbs. I ask Dr. Kelly can't you prescribe something to help. This was his answer. He pulled himself up to his desk and said this will help, took his hands and pushed away from the table. I got it watch
what I was eating. He was a good Dr. but no longer here.

betty said...

It is ridiculous the number of pills some people are on, like your friend Sonny before he passed. And sometimes you have to take a pill because of the side effects of another pill. What a mess it can be. Hubby's parents had a friend that was on a lot of medicine. He said that he was going to stop them; they told him not to that he would probably die without them. He was older with lots of medical problems. They saw his obituary a few weeks later; they never knew if he stopped his meds. I'd be tempted to stop them in a similar situation.

Not on a forever pill here myself. I fear if a doctor ever wants to prescribe something for me, I've resolved not to be on more than 3-4 pills if even that much.

Good topic today Jack!


Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments, Jack. Of course, this week, I've had a terrible sore throat, and I'm really thankful for a little generic pill of ibuprofen.

bonnie k.

Lucy said...

I could not agree more with your entry today. Granted some people need them to maintain a heart surgery or something like that.Joe takes less pills than I do. He had major heart surgery so what does that say. He takes 4 necessary pills to maintain his heart. I take 6 to maintain an old body but I am considering doing away with 2 very expensive ones.


Most of the prescription cost is because of advertising them. If they stopped doing that they could pass along the savings.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - I take a statin - I got off it about a week ago. My feet and heels hurt so bad I can hardly walk and it has been a long long time. It is a side affect. So my choice is to not walk and have pain in my feet OR die of high cholesterol - what's a girl to do?

Paula said...

Once upon a time I didn't have a doctor and I didn't have a pill. When I reached age 60 I thought I may need a doctor someday so I got one. Then I got a pill and another and another.

Jean said...

I was in my seventies before I had to start taking blood pressure medicine. I take a pill for cholesterol, 2 for blood pressure,a Prilisec for a reflux problem,baby aspirin, vitimin, and a fish oil cap. I'm sure I will have to take until!I do take over the counter pain medicine every now and then. Do they help me, not sure about some, but I can't do with the Prilisec. Lol.

Louis la Vache said...

Yes, the green one is a Riviera. It looked bad then and it looks bad now! «Louis» never liked that Seville, either. GM Styling went nuts for about 25 years and they are only now beginning to come out of it. The ugliest car they EVER came up with was that horrid Pontiac Aztec. They must have been on some BAD drugs when they came up with that thing!