Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Did you ever have that feeling…


I am forgetting something!  I am sure you all have read the joke being forwarded around the internet about the ‘sometimers’ disease.

It goes like this: I went out to get the mail. On the way noticed a plant that needed watering. Went into the kitchen to get a cup of water and thought about the chicken I was going to fix for supper. While headed for the freezer, I noticed my car keys, whoa I need to go get gas before out trip. Grabbing the keys and heading out the door I noticed thru the Bedroom door I had not made the bed. I put the keys down and headed for the bedroom.  etc  it goes on until the day is done and nothing is accomplished.


This morning Sherry asked what was on my agenda for the day? I said I did not know yet, but I had better get started. I thought of the A/C cover I needed to repair. So I went into the shop. Lo and behold there was the Ships wheel that I had started to rework, it has our name on it, I usually place it between  our flags. Then I remembered I had started waxing the front of the Motor home.

To shorten this up. I did put a coat of paint on the ships wheel. Then took the A/C cover off and lowered it. cleaned the inside so I could add fiberglass to it. While that was drying I continued waxing the front of the motor home. I bounced between these three tasks  and finished two of them. (Cover fiberglass not ready to finish). 


I feel like I am forgetting something important, and it is bugging me.

Also on my mind, I bought an auto buffing machine a few years back, I tried it and couldn’t figure the best way to use it.  I tried it again today, still do not like it.  Do any of you or your family use one of these things? I found I can do it just as well by hand, myself.

Thanks for coming this way. I still cannot think of what I am missing….

Nite Shipslolg


I hope I think or dream of it tonight.



1964 Bizzarrini 300


I have definitely never seen one of these, but I like it..


Paula said...

If I ever stop being able to find John's glasses we're both in trouble.

shirl72 said...

My problem is I think I am suppose
to be somewhere and missed the time.
Was I'm suppose to do something and
forget. I am going to blame it on
age and not my mind. What were we
talking about? hee hee

betty said...

Never used one of those auto buffing machines; I'll have to ask son what he thinks of them since he does auto detailing.

I know the feeling of forgetting something, Jack, especially if it is something important. That's why we've gotten to making more lists. Of course, Monday we were supposed to call the vet's office to order Koda food, I asked hubby if we should make a note to remind ourselves to do so. He said "no", and you know the rest of that story; the food didn't get order, LOL :)


Jackie said...

Love the cartoon "What do we want."
Love that. It is sooooo me.
Sweet dreams.
(it will come to you, and when you post it we won't remember why you did. are in great company.)
...But I bet you knew that already!


I'm easily overwhelmed. And forgetful.


Sounds like you have your plate full of things to do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometimes that is me too. I walk into a room and forget why I went there. I'm always glad when one of my kids will do it too as it is not an age thing, but often an overload problem. Glad you manage to do at least 2 of the 3. Freezing cold here this morning at 32 degrees out. Hope you all have a great day there !

Chatty Crone said...

Everyone here in this house blames me every time they can't find something. Like I spend all day hiding their things. lol sandie