Friday, October 18, 2013

Get any Insurance applications and information lately?

I cannot believe the number of letters and e-mails we have received touting CHEAP/AFFORDABLE insurance. I quit opening it. We will stay with what we have of course, but that doesn’t stop the fishing expeditions.

Does anyone know the facts on ‘The affordable Health Care Law’?  I sure don’t. I don’t even know if I need to do anything.

This must be a boon to the insurance companies, to cause so much mail generation.

I am waiting for Joe or Mary Citizen to tell me what they think. I have heard both sides of the coin from the politicians, without specifics.  As you know it is hard to believe a politician of any stripe.

We have insurance so I guess we will not be locked up or fined. I am assured by a friend that this Act (law) WILL NOT PAY FOR ILLEGALS care. Until they are actually citizens.  BUT what will be done when an emergency arises?  Of course the government will take care of it.  We have for the past (?) years.

Now do not take me wrong, I am actually for some path for citizenship, but one with a little teeth in it. One path I would be glad to see is two years military service leading to citizenship. One where folks would learn to respect and honor our country and its flag.

Another path would be 10 years of paid income tax, and then pass the test for citizenship like the normal applicant must pass.  someone smarter than I could come up with logical requirements.

I got  sidetracked. I am not sure of the Health Care system, I hope we have enough sense to throw it out the window if it DOES NOT WORK.

Anyway, I love the USA, I want us to survive, pay our debts and live within our means. I know we have waited too late to do it all at once, but we must start. We must start living within our means.

thanks for coming this way.

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Sherry and I pay for our mail to be delivered. so we pay postage on all these ‘junk mail’ ins. ads. That ain’t funny.  Surprised smile

PS2: Tomorrow I hope to post something nice, and quit griping….


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the ‘55 Chevy, Chevrolet’s first V-8 that year

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betty said...

Its a shame that you have to pay for the junk mail being forwarded, Jack and Sherry. I would not be happy to see the amounts of ads coming in if I had to pay for them.

I know little to next to nothing about the new health care law. My hubby knows more about it.

I do have to say, thank you God, that my employer just sent out a letter that our premiums wouldn't be rising next year, I was afraid they would sky rocket and at our ages of 55/60, we need coverage.

I like your way of thinking, Jack, for people to gain citizenship here in the country by serving in the military or paying taxes, etc. I'm all for immigration, I just think it should be within the legal means of doing so.

I think another big thing required to be a citizen is to learn the language. It is amazing how many groups of people I walk by here and their primary language they are speaking is Spanish.

Gripe away :)


Chatty Crone said...

Did you hear that the computer system for signing up for all these new health cares is all messed up?

The whole system is having issues.

Many people have signed up for it and then come January they are going to find out that they have no insurance.

It's a mess.


Paula said...

Humm I would hate to have to pay for all the junk mail I get. I've never heard of anyone having to do that. I have supplement insurance I pay dearly for but at least if I want to go to a specialist I can. I've heard someone say they think insurance will come down. I'll believe that when I see it.

Dar said...

My rates went down by 4 bucks but my copay doubled...what's the deal. At least I still have ins., unlike the millions that are left uncovered by this new 'care' program. what a scam.
I love the way you think. I'm voting for you for president.
Life Will Be So Much Sweeter

Louis la Vache said...

The grille on the '55 Chevy was inspired by a Ferrari.

You KNOW «Louis» likes that '34 Packard!

shirl72 said...

I am also receiving mail everyday
from Company's telling about their
insurance. I heard the same thing Chatty Crone heard over the news. People are trying to sign up and they are having real issue problems with the new health system. A real mess. I will keep what I have unless I receive a letter saying my will go up I will wait. Insurance if very complicated and not easy to understand. I was an underwriter for an Insurance Company.

shirl72 said...

PS: I know who will like the Packard. It is a beauty.

Jackie said...

I did my homework today regarding the Affordable Health Care and how it is impacting me (us.)
We are retirees (state of Georgia) and we have our own health insurance.
Remember when Obama said (pre-Obama care) that if you had health insurance, you could "keep" your health insurance. Cough!
What he didn't mention was that one's carrier(s) might be dropped...nothing one could do about that. We received a letter from the State of Georgia Retiree Health Insurance program that the 3 companies that we had a choice of (always had at least 3 choices)...wouldn't be available starting in 2014. We have one company to choose from now. Interesting. What if we didn't like the rates...or the plan? Well, we could NOT choose it...and then we would be without health insurance...or we could "choose" it....(which I will do) and pay a higher rate. Sound familiar with what you've been reading in the news.
Well, it happened to us.
I'm thinking that when all is said and done with this "Affordable Health Care"....people who voted for the President and those who backed Obama Care are going to have their eyes opened WIDE. That's my story.
I am going to go with the state's "choice" for the retiree's health insurance (even though it is now only one carrier to choose from and even though it is a higher premium...because I do NOT want AHC insurance...and I don't want to be without it. I shake my head....
I truly do.

Jean said...

We got a letter from our Insurance company that ours would go up $5.00 which would be $10.00 for both. We can't afford to be without it. With as many times as Grover has been in and out of the hospital, yes and I will have to say I too. The Insurance we have and with Medicare it has paid everything, but I hope it doesn't go much higher.Lol. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, the ads do keep coming for insurance. Thankfully I don't pay to have them delivered. I thought mail delivery was something we all got free. I do have health insurance through the company I worked for as it was offered to retiree's. The cost keeps getting higher and higher. So far I've been able to pay for it. And so far there's been no notice from them as to any changes.

Rose said...

If you have insurance, you need not do anything.

This affordable healthcare is for those without insurance. So, we the taxpayers don't have to pay for their ER services and surgeries, etc.

They did this in Massachusetts about 10 years ago and it worked out very well. People complained at the beginning but realized it was a plus.

It is the same but now it is involving all states.

It doesn't change medicare or anyone that has their own personal healthcare policies.

I went without insurance for 7 long years after my husband died because I had an existing condition I was denied insurance then. It was an awful time for me. I wish this affordable healthcare act was in place back then.