Monday, October 28, 2013



The Kiss, they are now officially married.


Presenting Mr. & Mrs Joshua Adam Darnell.


And the walk away, That is Joshua and Megan Darnell now. Methinks Josh is happy. Ok, I think Megan is also.  They are a good couple. I believe this is a good  marriage.

I wrote a book once called, “Why Not Forever?” The sweetest thing I heard after the wedding was: “Grandpa, we read your book!”

Honestly, weddings are wonderful. If you can afford a large wedding with the trappings that is wonderful. Megan’s uncle is a great guy and a professional photographer. He was snapping pictures like crazy, and he was so loveable. Great comments as he was walking taking the pictures. A great conversationalist.

Weddings also last a long time now. Too long for this old guy.  It was fun, of course it would have been more fun if I could have understood what was said.  We had to leave after the dancing started and before the opening of the presents.


(I thought it was so sweet, the quote, “I have found the one whom my Soul Loves”)

Oh the dancing was fun (no not Sherry and I we don’t dance) our great grand daughter Stella did do some dancing.


We had a good time, when we did decide to leave Stella said, “More dance more dance”


We made it home. It has been years since I saw Charlotte at night, the new sky scrappers with lights are impressive. We went under the airport flight paths and Stella loved the airplanes coming in and leaving.

Of course big marriages and celebrations are for kids. I think everyone had fun and enjoyed the festivities. Megan’s family is wonderful folk. Everyone we met seemed very personable.

So that is it. We can now leave day after tomorrow and head south. I think I have done every thing I had on my list.

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Wishing Megan, a beautiful and sweet lady, and Joshua a kind gentle man, the most wonderful life together. I believe this is one for the books. I feel this one can and will last.



A sweet ‘55 Chevy convertible we saw in Maine this year.


shirl72 said...

Glad everybody had a good time.
The couple looked beautiful and
I'm sure they will have a good life together. I had rather been there than chasing airplanes at the airport. I was surprised how busy the airport was on Sunday.

I could have danced with Stella and
taught her how to put her little foot out and dance around..Would have been fun.

Chatty Crone said...

I love weddings and I love to look at pictures and pick out dresses and I don't even need one.

Best wishes to the bride and groom.

Be safe starting your trip.


Rose said...

You look dapper in you suit!

I wish I could take a dress out of my closet that I have not worn in years and that it still fits!

Glad you had a nice time at the wedding.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

Jean said...

Beautiful wedding and such a lovely happy couple. Stay safe on your trip to Florida. Jean

Elizabeth said...

I Love Weddings, this looks like a very nice one!


Congratulations to the bride and groom.

betty said...

Congrats to Josh and Megan! They make a great looking couple and I'm sure will have many wonderful happy years together! Sounds like it was a neat wedding! I haven't been to one that opens the gifts at the wedding in a long time, kind of nice to do that I think!

Safe travels for you and Sherry when you take off south, Jack!


Glenda said...

What a lovely setting for the vows, my best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Darnell. If they keep that book and re-read it along with all that love and sentiment on the placque, it will work. It would be so nice to see if the photographer has a website with the pics you can link to your Facebook page, please tag me if so. And Stella gets more enchanting with each new photo, what georgous coloring she has! Looking forward to seeing you in FL again this year, hurry up the weather is fine!!!