Friday, October 25, 2013

Starting to GET READY

I have washed the Motor home.  and waxed the front.  I will also put a wax on the roof to try and prevent the white streaking from water run off.(that might just wait)

I have refinished  our name plate:

100_1134 - Copy

Many folk remember us because of the Ships wheel.  The first one I had, was bought in Vermont at a thrift store. It was actually a ships wheel wine rack, so I actually got two ships wheels for the price of one.  Those did not last long because they were not really ships wheels, this one is a real ships wheel. Since U.S. Navy is on our front tag, it fits. 

I read about you  guys  changing your summer clothes for winter clothes in the closet, we have never done that, we did not have that many clothes. hahaha. Especially true in the motor home, we each have one or two things for cooler weather, most of our clothes fit our life style. In  the spring we leave the south and follow Spring north. In the Fall we retreat south as the temps drop.

Neither of us require a lot of clothes, Shucks my dress shoes are out of style and old (25yrs). My life is dungarees  and T-shirts. I have Sunday-go-to-meeting khaki and a long sleeve shirt of two. I tried to wear shorts when we first retired, but I am just not a ‘shorts’ kind of guy.  Shorts would make the laundry less work, but………

I would change the oil now, but this monster takes 16-20 quarts. Where most dip sticks show a quart low mark, this one shows a 4qt low mark.

I still need to fix the John Deere, start the Yanmar tractor and move it to add water and air to the tires. I imagine Bill up in the north woods uses pure anti freeze in his tractor tires. I need to roof a shed.

Amazing how, even with all the work, I still have a lot of work to squeeze in, in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nite Shipslog


Time waits on NO ONE, and some of this stuff might have to wait ‘til another time!



1960s Mustang Shirl

Shirl’s mustang, musta been a 65 1/2 convertible.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, I do have my warmer clothing on. It's only 31 degrees here this morning. You are fortunate not to have to change to seasonal clothing. Staying in more or less the same temps in all seasons. What a blessed life you lead. I wondered when you'd be traveling south. Glad you are almost ready!

Dar said...

I'm working on moving clothes around and clearing space in the front closet for boots and winter coats.
Bill, just yesterday, stored the big John Deere (the seed co. tractor) and then took his New Holland (his blue boy) to the cabin storage to pick up his plow blade for all the snow he will have to move this winter. We woke to 20 cold degrees and an inch of frost on the deck. Pumpkins will get uncovered around noon today in hopes of getting rid of a few more before Halloween. Yes, it's getting mighty cold, mighty early around here. So it goes when we choose to live way up here in cold zone 3 country. It looks like we'll have 7 mths. of winter this time round...time to hunker-down.
Life is ChiliGood

Chatty Crone said...

What is funny is how we are all fiends and our lifestyles are all different.

I do have summer and winter clothes - but my uniform is mostly jeans and long sleeve tees or capris and short sleeve tees! LOL

You are a lot to do there yet - and I know Dar does too.

I love your steering wheel.

And are you getting ready to go?


Jean said...

The weather man said it would be down to freezing in parts of Alabama tonight, but that left us out we're two for south I hope. We haven't lit the pilot light to central heat we will use the electric heaters until it gets real cold or we have company. I don't change out my clothes I keep them all hanging in the closet winter and summer. Too much work for this old lady, Lol. Take care. Jean

Lucy said...

Love your wheel!!! I agree with Jean, I don't change out my closet either. It got down in the upper 20's last night. We have been down to 26 already one night. Did I ever tell you I loved that book. Got a little frisky off and on.


That is a lovely wheel. Done up real nice. I wear my clothes year round too.

Jimmy's Journal said...

You cracked me up with your remark about shorts. I've always had a lot of things going for me so I really never "wanted", but I definitely can't wear shorts.

I kind of look like a whiskey barrel supported by toothpicks. Oh well, what can I say.

By the way, I live in Florida and the word winter clothes are rarely heard. As for shoes, I used to be a Florsheim guy, but I've discovered that Payless works as well.


betty said...

I like your/Sherry's sign, Jack! Lots of work you have to do to get ready to hit the road, but I'm sure you are a bit antsy to get back out there. Too bad we don't live closer, I'd send son over to help you wax that motor home of yours, I'm sure that is one vehicle he has not detailed yet.


shirl72 said...

I had a good comment but it left
the screen will try again.

shirl72 said...

The ship wheel looks good.

I have my clothes transferred. You know me and my clothes and Shoes.

It want hurt to leave a few things undone more to do next Summer.
I guess you will be "ON THE ROAD AGAIN WITH WILLIE", next week.

Louis la Vache said...

Indeed, the Mustang is a 65 1/2.
Unlike the Edsel, Ford KNEW that had a winner with the Mustang.

Woody said...

Glad you don't have to go thru Clothes changes from summer, to fall, then winter!!!!!! that's a lot of Oil to change on the motor home, I used to help Ziggy do his Pace Arrow and it was an all day job.
We have had spitting snow and a heavy frost.
you 2 take care, stay warm,
love from the freezing North Country!!
Gary & Anna Mae