Friday, October 11, 2013

Yellow Jackets are determined and other stuff…

The yellow fellows like our insulation, they started another home in there. I just hit it again after it got dark.  Now the ones out front are back also. I will go out in a few minutes and attack them again.

Something has dug into the one out front, No one here, knows what nor who.  What ever it was, opened up a 6 inch entrance and they are gaily flying in and out.  What do they do in there, they sure ain’t making honey.

I was thinking, our government operates on a lot of borrowed money. Many families in the USA operate on borrowed money. Since we do spend a lot someone keeps bringing up the idea that Social Security will run out of money.  When that is said, some seniors get scared, that is all they have.

Wonder why we never hear that the country will run out of money for foreign aid.  I never hear that we will soon run out of money for Welfare. So to my way of thinking, if We run out of money for Social Security, we will all apply for foreign aid or Welfare. That money is never threatened!

I guess the Government is still shut down.  Reckon that means no foreign aid goes out?

Both parties are at their lowest in rating that they have ever been. But that really doesn’t matter. We voters have short attentions spans, and will forget all about this by next election time. By that time some movie star will get a divorce or another story will take headlines and we will go our merry way, vote ‘em all back in, and then gripe afterwards.  A happy voter is a griping voter. (aboard ship it is often quoted as: A bitching sailor is a happy sailor.)

‘at’s it for tonight, gotta talk to some  Yellow fellows, they must be evicted.

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We turned on the electric heaters, time to go to Florida……………… About 2 1/2 weeks….




The ageless Vette, 1953. It was always way out of my pay grade, but it is a beauty.  for those who like only two seats…


shirl72 said...

commented but let the screen...I signed in but will probably leave
screen again...will see...

shirl72 said...

Hope you get rid of your yellow
friends. I'm sure they are a pest.
I only have bees that hang around
my bird bath. They get upset when
I try to clean it out they think it is there just for them. Maybe they
will all leave when cold weather
gets here. Your yellow friends
may be preparing for winter.

betty said...

Wonder if the yellow jackets are looking for their winter home; hope you can get the problem taken care of before you guys head south.

I did hear on the news that Utah is opening up some of their national parks and paying for it themselves. I wonder if more states will take initiatives like that (doubt California will since we are poor already).

Have a good weekend you two!


Jean said...

I hope you get the yellow jackets moved out. It makes me kind of mad to hear that social security might be cut out when they don't mention welfare being cut back. I know they are some people that needs it and I know of quite a few that if they would get off their backside and work they wouldn't need welfare, but to lazy to work. I worked forty two years and paid in what little I get from Social Security. Sorry this is so long. Take care, Jean

Woody said...

Night time is always the best time to fight those Yellow Devils !!!

Paula said...

Your Yellow Jacket's cousins all live here and sometime they sting me.

Chatty Crone said...

Be careful of the yellow jackets.

I believe that we give welfare way to easy and that they should be have drug tests and a whole lot of other things! Makes me mad.

And your right they never run out of anything but social security!



Hope you get rid of those yellow jackets. They are a nuisance for sure.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear that you are still fighting those yellow jackets. You may have to get some professional help there to do the job. Take good care !

Louis la Vache said...

Here's an idea: capture the yellow jackets, drive to DC and unleash them on the spineless Republicans and corrupt Socialist (uh, I mean "Democrats") on Capitol Hill...

The '53 'vette was sold only in white.

Rose said...

Yellow Jackets! Yikes!

I remember a nasty bite from one when I was younger. Surely hurt and swelled up my arm really bad.

Be Careful.

Jackie said...

Those those yellow jackets are determined, aren't they! Go get 'em Jack!!!
I have a long memory span...and I put my Senators and Congressmen on notice BEFORE they voted that I would be watching exactly how they vote on issues, and I will cast my votes for re-election based on their stances. They represent me (us. ). If they don't vote according to my (our) wishes, then why are they there? If we don't contact them and let them know how we feel, they can't "guess" how to vote (or can they!!). So, I make it a practice of letting them know how I feel, and I cast my votes for re-election based on how I think they perform.
Sending you and Sherry warm hugs from South Georgia. And it is still very warm here....upper 80's.
have a blessed weekend, my friend.

Sheila Y said...

I agree, why is SS the only thing that runs out of money? I hope you bought a bee suit to wear while you are fighting off the yellow jackets, you don't need any more stings. Now I don't understand why you just won't hang around this winter, this might be a good year for snow since the summer was so mild. You know you wouldn't want to miss that... ;) I hope you and Sherry are having great weekend! Love from up here, Sheila