Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You must believe in Someone!

Not everyone was as lucky as most of you guys and I.  Really I did have a great childhood and admirable parents. I believe my mom and dad were as honest as they could have been.  I do look back at them and hope I can be close to them in insight and a belief in solid living.

I am sure you have parents or someone that  you have complete trust in. A man and woman needs that.  Someone with whom you can share your deepest fears and worst troubles.  And while sharing it KNOW it won’t be on a gossip route in the morning, or even ten years from now.

It is good to have that someone who will tell you, “Hey, you are getting a little out of touch, you might be over reaching.  You might want to reign in a little, without saying, ‘THAT WOULD BE A STUPID THING TO DO!’”

It is good to have that person you can disagree with and still be the best of friends. I have said this before, but it bears repeating for me. At my friend Sonny’s funeral I was a pall bearer. As we took the casket out of the hearse, I told the others, “Boys we are burying a special person, if in your life you told this man something in private, it is  in this box, he never dropped a trust.” He was my special friend. Of course I still miss him everyday.

It is good to have a wife or husband you can share everything with. For sure my Sherry is my best friend and wife, I like and love that girl.

We have walked and talked through some very serious family problems, we have a good family, but it has not been without serious childhood and adult problems.

I have known guys who could not tell their wives their feelings, fears and plans. They lived daily, each one going their own way, that is just not us.

I remember once in the Dakotas camping. The subject of living on a Sail boat (one of my dreams) came up around the campfire. One man laughingly said, “You had better love your wife, because neither of you are going off on a walk out on the deep blue.”

Sailing, another of my dreams that will not be, and it is too late to learn all the rules. Plus there is actually too much piracy now.

I was just thinking of confidants tonight. I hope you have one.  If not………….

YEP  sadly true

Nite Shipslog


As a kid, my dog  Ace would listen to all my ideas and problems. I think he understood this kid.



1939 Delage (borrowed from Sonya’s Blog), the year I discovered America

1941 chevy

The first car I remember my dad having.


Mevely317 said...

G'evening Jack,

This made me think ... shake my head once or twice ... and smile.

DH and I mostly share and care ... there's always "stuff" I hold back for fear of hurting his feelings ... I've a special friend; a touchstone, actually, who SO knows me ... and still likes me. Imagine that! lol.

You're truly blessed, and I'm glad you chose to write this tonight!


shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I had to delete my comment I left
out a word so will try again.
You are right we had wonderful
parents. Mother was a good one
to talk over problems. I also
could talk to our Sister. It is always good to have a buddy that
you can discuss things that bother
you and solve some problems.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great post Jack! I agree completely. Oddly enough sailing (of sorts) was part of today's entry.

I mentioned you but don't worry, the best parts were edited.....


Paula said...

I have a good friend from high school that I would trust with my life. We never see each other anymore but we confide on the phone.

betty said...

I have to say I don't have a confidant in my life, probably of my own choosing. I share lots with hubby, but I do hold back some things; I think I'm too private/independent on things. Makes me think maybe I should work on getting a confidant.......



My husband is my confidant and best friend. It's good to have someone to confide in.

Jean said...

I'm caring secrets in my heart today that some coworker trusted me enough to tell me. Most of them has passed on, but I still keep their secrets.
If I had some big secret I would keep it all to myself. I think. Ha. Great post as always Jack.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is one wicked, cruel comment on that empty toilet paper roll.
I try to be a person other people can trust; I'm not too good with secrets, though.
You might have heard the guy who said the marriage vows should include something like, "Anything you say can and will be used against you." ;-)

bonnie k.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems it's a rare thing indeed to have some one you trust completely. My life is pretty much an open book these days so there is little others don't know about me.

Sara S. said...

My Momma has always been my person that I know I can trust with my secrets. I miss the days of sitting on the porch, drinking coffee, listening to the birds and chatting about things going on in our lives. I know she has also talked to me about things that she felt she couldn't talk to others about. She will always be my best friend and the best Mom ever.
Great post today... Stay Sweet!

Rose said...

Great post!

I miss my husband so much and for all the reasons you mentioned above. We had a great relationship. I have beautiful memories.

Chatty Crone said...

You know Jack that toilet paper roll - kind of sums it all up - love it.