Monday, October 7, 2013

Have you noticed any difference?

Our government is shut down. Listen to the Democrats, the Republicans have caused it. Listen to the Republicans, the Democrats have caused it.

Most folk know which side I would fall on, that is neither here nor there. Fact is, I haven’t noticed ANY difference personally.  I love reporters, they make news if there is none.

Now I do not doubt that some folk are hurt due to the shutdown, but it shouldn’t be the gov’t worker. Congress has voted to pay the furloughed workers back pay.  In other words, in most cases 800,000+ workers are on paid vacation.

Already I have read headlines that said:

Americans have the worst week ever! yeah?

The military will have to cancel SPORTS! Shame!

The shut down will allow more Cyber Hackers! That is the idea, give’em some ideas.

No SS checks to go out!  You are joking!

Federal workers in Crisis! ……….    Sure they are, as they sit and watch TV knowing the pay will be there after the insanity is over.

As a whole, I think we elect some self centered egotists who enjoy the good life at taxpayers expense, and tell us “I feel your pain.”

Not only are they living the good life in office, but out of office there are 450+ congressmen now on the payroll of big business as “LOBBYISTS”, because they know the buttons to push to  help someone self interest.

I am happy, even our gasoline here is down to nearly $3. And I think that is good? WHY?

I know, but when more folks are paying more in other countries, some do not have oil there. Here we could have fuel at $1.50 a gallon, but we do not.

Hey, I am griping, but actually I am a happy guy I just wish our LAW MAKERS(?) had the countries interest at heart and knew two simple things that I learned at 17 years of age:

1.. You should never try to spend more than you make.

2.  You CANNOT borrow yourself our of debt.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Life in the USA is great, I just wish we had leaders who were more concerned about the citizenry than getting re-elected.




I feel old but sporty today!!!


shirl72 said...

I don't have faith in anybody in
Washington. They are not concerned
about the voters. It is "ME ME"
until voting time again.

Sara S. said...

I have to agree with Shirl, they have no interest in what is actually good or right for the American people. They say what they "think" we want to hear but do the complete opposite.
Love the truck pics, especially the one with the train. Stay sweet and hope you enjoy the chili recipe!

Louis la Vache said...

Obama is being very selective with what is closed and what is open. The broadcasts of the games to the military were cancelled, but Obama's golf course is still open. The Park Service is using more manpower to keep people out of the parks than they used when the parks were open, proving the vindictive nature of Obama. He's trying to cause maximum pain for political gain. Folks, we are seeing Chicago politics applied to the national level....

Louis la Vache said...

BTW - AMEN to the Term Limits!
We all need to buy Mark Levin's new book, "The Liberty Amendments" where he shows us how to get the term limits. WE will have to do it, because Washington WILL NOT and CANNOT reform itself. Levin shows us how to use the Constitution to RESTORE the Constitution.
- - - -
Here's a list of things Obama has unnecessarily
closed in order to INFLICT PAIN ON THE PUBLIC.

He was threatening Catholic chaplains in the military with arrest if they gave the Sacrament to troops Sunday. OUTRAGEOUS!


ABSOLUTELY can't borrow yourself out of debt. I agree 100%.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Any way I look at is not a good thing...I'm praying for a good resolution to it all.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I them all out of office and start's the time for the people to retake control.....

Lucy said...

I agree that we have the most screwed up people that is supposed to be running our government. We do not have any grown ups in office. For the first time ever I can not say I am proud of our USA. That is due to congress, republicans, democrats and the whole outfit not giving 2 hoots in hell about we, the people. The speaker says all he needs is to talk to the president, The president says they need to negotiate. I will be surprised if someone, or many don't get hurt before this is over. Peoples emotions are running high.

betty said...

Honestly, I keep forgetting the government is shut down. I guess that's how little impact the government has on my day to day activities. I do wish though that they would resolve it quickly and start acting mature and start working together. I also agree that one cannot borrow to get oneself out of debt.

Enjoy Tuesday you two!


Anonymous said...

Old and sporty! A good way to feel. How do those old cars manage to stay looking so young??

bonnie k.

Rose said...

I would fire them all.

Congress has no right to keep us Hostage!

People are paychecks!

Shame on the people who caused the government to shut down! We are supposed to be the best country in the world!

The Speaker of the House should be fired. Being so reckless. We own the country not him. Our financial obligations should be paid. We pay taxes, we pay their salaries. I want them to be without pay for all these days that the government is shut down.

Adults behaving like ill mannered children in the sandbox!

Paula said...

I vote for Jack Darnell for President of the United States of America. Sherry would make a nice first lady too. Yes I'm making light of the situation because I don't know what else to do and I don't think anyone else does either.

Chatty Crone said...

Simple truths you have there - but critical ones. Too bad so many people miss them.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Well said and I completely agree. I just wish there was an open seson on politicians. Duck and cover!