Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Imma tell you, fighting them little dudes ain’t no fun!

So I walked down to get the lawn mower and noticed a lot of activity. I tried to count the ‘Yellow Jackets’ flying in and out from under our storage unit.

I looked under and there was a huge nest hanging out of the insulation. So Mark and I went down and shot them with killer stuff. One caught Mark on the chin.

The next day I looked and had about half the activity, but still very active.

On to raking the yard. Having a good time cleaning the yard. I decided to rake some leaves UNDER a big cedar. Soooo I backed into it raking between my legs to throw the leaves 6’ to the trunk.

OUCH!  hey, OUCH! then I see them, mad as could be I started running and slapping them. I am sure they were mad ‘cause I killed some of their cousins. I ran around the house back to the motor home called for Sherry to get the broom. Then while trying to help me, she got stung once.

In the end I only got hit by about 6 with two behind my ear UNDER my hearing aid. Which I promptly pulled off put it down and forgot where I laid it.  It as a hectic time. I am not liking ‘mad’ Yellow Jackets.  Two nests in two days…

I did find the aid, I had thrown it on a chair in my excitement.

The hunt is on to find the nest in the front yard, and plans for the remaining ones under the storage building.

‘Nother subject…I have two girl friends, little ladies both less than 5 ft. They invited Sherry, Mark and I over for dinner. Ann is 86, Daisy(another flower I had forgotten) is 88.  they are sisters and widows. I did a little work for them and they insisted on paying, I said NO! so they treated us to a great meal. Country style steak, green beans, corn, carrots, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, slaw, Strawberry short cake and chocolate pie. (WHAT A DELICIOUS MEAL)

Of course I immediately asked it they had any more work to be done. hahahaha.

The girls and us Ann's house

L-R….. Me, Daisy, Sherry, Ann and Elmer (BIL).  Ann was shoeing us her pineapple with a red bird in it.l


Oh, and they also had gifts for our anniversary. It was all so sweet.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

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To repeat last nite’s entry, “It don’t cost nothing to be nice.”


Neat car from Sonya

This is here because it is pretty, and I have no idea what it is, but must be the early/mid 30’s.


salemslot9 said...

I got stung
twice in one day
in the past
I thought that
was a lot...
car = cool autumn color
thank you for
stopping by, Jack :)

Paula said...

Yes it does pay to be nice except with Yellow Jackets. We have a lot of them around here and now that is has rained, fire ants.

Jackie said...

You are a good neighbor...and you have sweet neighbors. It works out that way!
And...I have a picture. You and the yellow jackets having a race. And those li'l buggars won this one. BUT, I know who's gonna win the one in the end. You and the can of wasp/hornet spray.
You go get 'em, Jack!!!

shirl72 said...

That is awful about the yellow
jackets. I hope the stings will
heal..You can't fight them, they
come from every direction be careful I have lots of bees around
my bird bath and they fight me
when I try to change the water.
Strange why they hang around water.

Ann and Daisy are so nice and wonderful people. They have been
our friends for a long time.


betty said...

Poor you, Sherry and your son for getting stung by the yellow jackets! Hope you can find the nest in the front! So sweet with the sisters making you and Sherry dinner; to me that would be a better "pay out" than being paid for your services; delicious food and good company!



I'm allergic to bees and wasps. Sorry to hear you got stung.

Jean said...

I hope you can get rid of those critters. Grover got stung on his finger twice a few weeks ago while mowing the yards. That was so nice of the lovely sisters fixing dinner for you, Sherry and Mark, and a good picture of you all.

Lucy said...

When I was a kid on the farm I always walked down and got the mail which was by the road. I pulled the mail out one day and the newspaper must have scraped a nest and they swarmed me. I screamed and dropped the mail. They were swarming around my head. I hate any kind of a wasp or anything that flies in bunches and stings.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

OUCH! Those nasty yellow jackets can sting. Thankfully we've not seen any around here this year. They do like to make nests in the ground. I can remember running though one when I was a kid and it did hurt! Hope you are able to get rid of them. Be careful you don't get stung some more.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a wonderful meal! How nice of them and you !

Sheila Y said...

Sorry that you got into a mess of yellow jackets. I bet that was one time you wished you could 'go jump in a lake'. :)I also learned you were 'broom' people, go to YouTube and listen to Jeanne Robertson's Left Brain vs the intruder...that will explain it...ha. I hope you all are doing okay today. Love from up here, Sheila

PS. You don't reckon those yellow jackets you thought were killed were actually waiting in the cedar tree to ambush you, do you? Hmmm

PSS. There is a certain someone I am related to, who also has a blog, that you can get to from my blog, that is having a birthday today...was that cryptic enough? Haha

Lucy said...

That must be a southern thing with wasps being in the grass. I don't remember ever having heard of any of the family being stung while being in the yard mowing or anything. When we had our out door German Shepard yellow jackets hung around her pen. She used to catch them as they flew with her teeth and they were dead in nothing flat . We seldom saw any out in the yard. We could hear princess's teeth click.

Helen said...

Ouch! I know those stings hurt. I hope you put some meat tenderizer in as good a paste as you could and smeared it on the stings. I have them chase me around also. Once they start there is no stopping to them, by the way they have an entrance hole and an exit hole.Therefore it seems they are all over the place.

Bet the meal those ladies cooked was delicious. Pretty car if you like pumpkin orange.

Woody said...

"Yellow Jackets" are nasty, the really mean ones come up from the ground, I would rather tackle a nest as try to get rid of them in the ground, thankfully a mason jar full of High Octane Gas and a match takes care of the buggers in the ground.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you are feeling okay and the bites are healing.

And how sweet to help others - now was that homemade or did you go out to eat.