Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday morning at McDonalds

Most folk who know us know we go to Micky D’s every Sunday Morning. I go get some napkins, Sherry orders two coffees a biscuit and two strawberry jellies. I find a seat, wave hello to Art Shoemaker, the local ins. guy and town leader who comes in has breakfast and leaves for church carrying one of the funny looking coffee’s they serve now.

We have a great college here, The Belmont Abbey. The students were always very conservative and quiet until the last few years. During that time they have learned the weird hair-dos, ragged pants, tats and rings in their nose. I did see one Mohawk. I am always jealous of that, I remember seeing a movie, I think ‘The last of the Mohicans’, there were a lot of Mohawks in the movie with the distinctive hair cut, one strip of hair down the middle.  I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED ONE.

While waiting on Sherry a big guy came in with his wife and clean son. The man had sorta grungy overhauls on, torn on the side a little (not the cool tears at the knees, like the college kids ).  He wore a big leather hat Charlie Daniel’s style. I (the know it all) said to myself, what a jerk. His wife and kid look so neat.

Sherry came with the tray. I cut the biscuit and spread the jelly.  As we were eating, the ‘Jerk’ was leaving, carrying his tray he walked directly to OUR table. In a very nice way asked if he could take our trash with his. Sherry handed him the tray, he smiled real big and said. “You folks have a blessed day.”

He never once looked at me, so he did not see any facial expressions. Did he read my mind? WORSE, was he really an angel?  In a few minutes I felt better after I apologized to Sherry, I couldn’t apologize the the ‘jerk’, he was gone. WOW, what a nice guy. One of these days I will learn you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Sometimes you just have to kick yourself.


1960 Plymouth Fury

1960 FURY, the Plymouth


shirl72 said...

He may have gained weight and that
was the only thing that fit him. You are right you cannot judge people the way they are dressed. Remember the richest man in Valdese drove an old car with one seat and didn't dress well. Some people are dressed to the nine's and have no money. I have met both kinds. I remember at Grandmother's funeral Aunt Retha got out of a Chrysler 300 with her fur coat. Aunt Bertha said she is just showing off they don't have any money. I guess I was 10 or 11. I think I learned a lesson then.

Jackie said...

Such a nice guy, you are...
We are all guilty of judging...but not so quick to realize that we do it and apologize.
And...I'm wondering about the one biscuit. You said you cut it. Would that be in "half"....or "split" and made into a top and a bottom....and then shared. ?? Just things that run through my pea brain.
Smiles (always!) to you and your Sherry....


Clothes do NOT make the man. A good lesson for sure.

Paula said...

Now I understand why you and Sherry are thin and John and I are fat. We buy a big breakfast with hot cakes and then split it. Lots of stuff on there then we get jelly and picante for the eggs.

betty said...

Next time I bet you won't be so quick to judge, Jack, but I think we are all guilty of doing the same thing, know I would be at times. I've learned to befriend the teens at the park I walk Koda at, as well as the homeless people; as long as they leave me alone (both teens/homeless) I'm content to say hi to them and a few other words, thinking if we ever got in trouble at the park (i.e. dog attacking Koda) they might rush to my aid. But what amazes me is how you guys only share one biscuit among the two of you.


Jean said...

A few weeks ago I decided to go to Hardee's to buy our breakfast. (We don't have a MacDonalds here)When I got home I had grits,eggs,bacon, a biscuit and a bowl of sausage gravy.I got two of these,and one would have been more than enough. I cook breakfast most times, since Grover want go so I get take out. Take cre, Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have been guilty of doing the same. I've had to change my mind about someone more than once too. I guess that is why we are told not to judge people. I like the bacon egg and cheese biscuit meal when I get to go to McDonalds's and that is not often.

Louis la Vache said...

A good reminder to «Louis», who has a tendency to do so, not to prejudge...


McD's biscuits are GOOD!


Great looking '60 Plymouth! With the '60 models, Chrysler dispensed with body-on-frame construction and used unibody construction on all of their cars except the Imperial.

Elizabeth said...

I think we can all learn from that lesson Jack

Chatty Crone said...

There are angels everywhere Jerry.