Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I cannot throw it away, Am I a Hoarder?

storage heading south 001

When we decided to live full time in our motor home we were living in the last house I built for us. (It was always the last house we will build for us. just like the last two,) (ha!).  It is a 1400 sqft 2 BR house with a garage on the street level. It has a 1400sqft basement that housed my garage and office. The rest would fill up with construction stuff and junk.  I built a mirror image of it next door condo style.

storage heading south 003storage heading south 002

AT our decision we both knew there was a problem, MY STUFF?????  she asked can you really get rid of that STUFF? A big yard sale, giving, and a little storage and Yep most of it was gone.

storage heading south 004

Do I still save?  That is what brought this up.  Saturday night Sherry said, “The pop corn didn’t pop!”  MICROWAVE??!!!!

The intertnet said the replacement was on sale, “BEST PRICE” was Home Depot.

Sunday found us in Fredricksburg out for a ride, not planning to replace the Microwave until we reached NC. THEN I SAW THE HOME DEPOT SIGN.

Uninterested salesman, came over, spoke. I told him what I had seen on the net that said $169 in store or on the net. He walked off. I assumed he was looking on the net because he sat down at the computer, no other customers. Waited…..nada..  leaving he said something like have a good day.

Best buy was next, nice salesman, no product.

 Up the street, Lowes was there, why not?  Nice sales guy ‘Berry’. Yes they have three in stock, “Want one each?”  Price with a discount, $134. “We will take one.”

“You sure just one?” great guy.


It was in place Sunday night, and we had pop corn.


NOW, the old one. It gets thrown away but not until I cut the cord, remove the working blower, and any other part I can salvage. I’M ADDICTED I CANNOT HELP MYSELF!


Plus I have to see what is inside. The problem was this power supply, it is dead.


Above the microwave generator, the little hole in the brass tip sends out the microwaves. I will save SOME of this stuff.



Addicted to yard sales? I cannot pass one up. On the way to get the microwave I stopped at a yard sale.

“What you want for this box?” my mind says offer him $20.

“I’d need $5 for the whole box.”


We spent $140 tax and all for the microwave. That $5 box contained $170 + in NEW wire. A new towel rack, a $10 brass plate (new) and some odds and ends.

We got enough material to pay for the microwave and more. And Yes, I will use the stuff I bought. It is safely stored in the basement of the motor home.

Am I a hoarder?  Are YOU?

Thanks for coming this way.

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PS: (Living a sermon, I cried at this one)

Today, after I watched my dog get run over by a car, I sat on the side of the road holding him and crying. And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.



This guy passed us on our walk. Here it is parked at his house. I know it is an Imperial, not sure of the year close to a 1956 though.



Jackie said...

You are smart, my friend.
S.M.A.R.T. Has nothing to do with hoarding.
My Mama always says, "Waste not. Want not." I agree.
Sending hugs to you both,

Paula said...

Your "stuff" is too neat to be a hoarder. We knew an elderly man (more elderly then us)who went to garage sales so much he had to build a room on. His prized (finds) were sitting all over the floor in the new room.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Paula, your stuff is too neat to be a hoarder. I do know several people who are, their stuff is piled high with just a trail to get through. It is really sad.

betty said...

That was a sad quote about the dog.

You are an industrious person, Jack, you look to save money or earn money as you can. That might border a little on hoarding, but I seriously don't think so :)


Chatty Crone said...

You a hoarder - no way - but you are one smart saver!

shirl72 said...

Well you know how I would answer
that question. How many trips did
you make bringing our things to a Church Parking lot for a garage sale. You name it and you could find it. Jim loved to save things. We had 4 buildings full.
Thank goodness for You, Sherry and
Bill..couldn't have done without
your help. When I looked out my kitchen window I can still see Sherry on the roof of the garage working. Jim consider himself a collector not a hoarder.


you sound like my husband.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd agree with the rest, you are not a hoarder but a smart fellow for sure. I might be one though. I cannot through things away. My basement and attic store a lot. Glad you all got your popcorn !

Anonymous said...

Years back my elderly next door neighbor had a nonworking freezer chest filled with old used containers. From butter to peanut butter to pickle jars & even containers that her ice cream came in(the plastic ones). She lived alone & almost never cooked. Her living room had so many papers & magazines from the 50s, 60s & 70s that it was a maze.

So to me, you are not a hoarder.

Melanie said...

Hi Jack!!!!

Mevely317 said...

No, you don't sound anything like a hoarder. Rather, a careful planner who uses his time wisely.
I mean, half the time I sit around complaining there's no time. Ironic.

Your telling of the 'salespeople' sure struck a nerve. I'm crazy nuts about customer service. Only recently, I called off a promising contract w/ Solar City because we were stood-up by the salesperson. When he called the next day and DH asked what happened, he just said all off-handedly like, "Well, I got busy."

It's nice to know there are good folk like Lowe's "Barry" still around!