Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Walk, Quality Time

For years now we have tried to make time for a walk every day.  Here at Sturbridge RV Resort there is a good walking area.  Our walk here is roughly 1.75 to 2 miles about 45 minutes.


Leaving our motor home we walk by the lake and up a long grade, a nice climb. It is a rough road with RVs on the side. Then at the top of the hill we come to a chain.  Sherry found a note on one map that designated it ‘nature trail’ so we walk on under the chain.


The road continues for about a quarter mile and we come to the mystery. I am a lot like Paula, I WONDER WHY?


Behind a gate, that has not been opened in a long time, are 4 trailers and one motor home. The near one has had the front window broken, I assume from some boy’s rock.(You see I know it wasn’t a girl!) the 4th unit has the door opened to the weather. There is a light pole center stage with a solar panel. We haven’t been up at night so we do not know if that is active.

Every park has a storage area with units that have been forgotten. WHY? Maybe the seniors passed away and the kids have no idea where mom & dad stored their trailer.  Sure makes me curious. I need to point out this is not the main storage area. There is another down in the RV park, and not out in the boonies as this one is.


We pass a fuel storage area. I guess for the park vehicles, but why out so far?  This is the zenith of our trip now we make a turn back toward civilization.


In the middle of the woods we run  into the huge culvert pipes, WHY?  These things weigh about 500 lbs you ain’t carrying them for the fun of it?STURBRIDGE CG 005STURBRIDGE CG 006

Methinks she is wishing I wouldn’t bug her about a kiss in public, (Quote: we are too old for that!)


And I am a wishing……. I had my six shooter.


Past the playground (Sherry won’t let me stop here) and some pretty Petunias…STURBRIDGE CG 009

I am a rock kind of guy. They just interest me. There are several huge rocks here in the park and the roads and sites are worked around them.


Don’t you just love the determination or audacity of a tree to grow on a rock.


In a contest of tree and rock, we know who will win. the rock has been here thousands of years, and it the world lasts, it will be here hundreds of years after the trees have been in someone’s fire place.

Okay we are back home.


Thanks for walking with us around the park.

Nite Shipslog


For years we have used the walks to discuss our lives and those of our family. When there were some problems, the walks always helped.

Our walks started our construction business. She asked, “Can you build us a house and get us our of debt?” (Of course)

We walked to the top of Standing Indian Mt. on the way down she said, “I think we can walk from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail.”

We did walk to New Hampshire.

Do you think I should be afraid to walk with her???



This might be a mid 1950’s Pontiac custom.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed the "walk." The abandoned culvert pipes should have afforded a lot more privacy than the kissing bridge. ;-)
Yep, you look like you need your six-shooter. Sherry took a good picture there; it made me smile.
By the way, the "petunias" are New Guinea impatiens, I believe.

Glenda said...

Jack you look cute in a ball cap...just sayin'. Looks like a fun walkabout. Love that car, we had a Pontiac wagon about that vintage in two-tone green!

shirl72 said...

Very nice walk..good exercise and sites to see. You can also do lots of mind searching when walking.

Looks like a nice park. Enjoy the weather here in the 90's but
changing to cool. Stay out of large

Cindi said...

Im always curious, take for instance on a construction site you rarely see what they are building???? Until it is built. I want every building site to Post the billboard!!! Im always asking why??? thx for the tour, now you got me curious about those trailers???? lol safe travels

Paula said...

I like those trees, all of them and yes you should still walk with Sherry. She won't lead you astray.

betty said...

I enjoyed your and Sherry's walk, Jack. I too would be curious about the sites you saw with the old trailers, etc. behind that fence. That wishing tree is unique as well as the tree growing in the rock.


Chatty Crone said...

I am with you and Sherry - why do people abandon those trailers??? Seems that is an expensive waste and how did that pipe get there?

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for inviting us along, Jack and Sherry!
Those abandoned trailers would definitely creep me out. (Can you tell you're talking to a city sissy girl here?)
If you find out what in the heck they're doing there, won't you let us know?


Enjoyed the walk. It is curious what that big pipe and those trailers are doing way out there, abandoned. Love Sherry sitting in that WISHING TREE. Pretty neat.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved the walk around the campground there. I do miss those days when I was camping and would take those daily walks. Somehow I don't do it when I'm home. Great to see the two of you enjoying life. Walking is a great way to think and to talk.