Friday, August 15, 2014

The perfect compromise and trivia questions.


I love oysters I like’em from raw to boiled. I especially love ‘em in stew.  Sherry doesn’t mind the stew too much but ain’t crazy about oysters (at any stage).  Over the years she has prepared oyster stew out of her GREAT love for me Smile with tongue out.

Once fishing in Georgia we caught only Bass. Truth be known if I catch it and it’s legal I keep it. Returning from fishing once I asked another boater just coming in how he had done that day. “About 10 big bass.”

“Where are they?”

“Oh, I only catch and release.”

After a pause I said, “I haven’t caught that many yet!”. He just laughed.

Bass to me is not a good pan fish, but my girl came up with a ‘Fish Stew’, combining the bass with a can of New England Clam Chowder(and other stuff of course)  it is out of this world. We do not have the fresh Bass or Catfish anymore, but we buy frozen fish and she uses those. She cubes 2 or 3 filets, sautés that with butter onion and cubed potato. She applies her magic to it and it tastes just like oyster stew and we both love it. So now it is a staple once or twice a week. That is the perfect compromise, I don’t get a load of shell fish, and we get our fish to boot, we both love it.



I was always a good test taker. I use logic and reasoning when answering questions for which I do not know the answer. Most teachers throw in a seemingly ‘obvious’ answer to throw you off.  I have never followed Trivia but now I have asked for and get a daily trivia question. Shucks, it is fun if I know the answer Winking smile, it makes me feel so danged smart (even if I guessed).

Today the TRIVIA question was:

Question: Who was the first Republican president?

a. Abraham Lincoln

b, Thomas Jefferson

c. Andrew Jackson

d. John Adams


I have always known the most well known Republican was Abraham Lincoln. So there is no way they would have made the answer TOO obvious.  So it must be one of the others. I guessed Andy Jackson. Because if I am guessing I usually pick ‘C’.  (The average at one time was at least 68% of the answers in multiple choice was ‘C’.)


ANSWER: Yeah I know, Abe Lincoln.  That was too danged obvious. I hate it when I know something and still miss it. Ever out smart yourself?

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Lucy said...

And guess what, I learned my lesson on politics a while back. I am with Sherry on the oysters. Her way of fixing fish sounds good.

Lucy said...

I did and it is up there.

Chatty Crone said...

Got to be honest with you here Jack - I do not like fish - well I can eat - crab - lobster - scrimp - lol.

And i don't take tests well - I get nervous!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The only oysters I ever had were pan fried. My mom made them and I love them. That was many years ago and I've never known anyone else to fix them like she did.

shirl72 said...

I like oysters stew but it has been a long since I made any. I like most of the is very good for us health wise.

Tilapia is very good. I order it
at Captions Cap.

Paula said...

Abe Lincoln is the one I picked but then he is my favorite President. Never at oysters, just recently learned to like shrimp and coconut shrimp is the best.


LOVE oysters any way they are served except in stew. But I must admit your description made me hungry for it.

Rose said...

I remember the first time I tried eating oysters raw and I was told to just let it slide down!

Well, I was preganant at the time and let's put it this way. I've never tried it again!

Yet, I love fried Clams and steamed clams........Oysters.....NO! LOL

Mevely317 said...

I'd have guessed "C" as well!

I felt compelled (shamed, actually) to try eating a raw oyster once. NEVER again!!! :)
Still, my mother would dutifully prepare stove-top oyster stew for my father on many an occasion... not because she liked it, but because she loved him.