Sunday, April 10, 2016

A job, the mental gymnastics of the job.

Pictures featured:Tucker Car was mentally and physically exhausting for Preston Tucker.

Life is more complicated than  when I first thought I was an adult.  I seldom separated physical with mental gymnastics.  I have learned something that some folk never learn.

Many times I have wanted to move so far back in the mountains you  would have to 'pump sunlight in'. Then take a few days off and I was ready to go again.  At the time I never associated it with being 'worn out' due to mental gymnastics.  I am probably being simplistic here, but since I decided to write a #1 best seller (smile), I am learning mental gymnastics are illusive.

At my brother's insistence I once hired a CPA.  Monthly I took my company check-book into him for a couple days. The CPA was Marvin Hand, one laid back dude.  When Son Mark went into business he also used Marvin. Every month Mark would ask me, "Does Marvin ever work?" he would continue without my answer, "Every time I go to his office he is asleep on the couch."  (that was very often true, he had no secretary except at actual tax time)

Mark held the opinion that anyone who does not physically earn their living by the 'sweat of their brow' is not 'REALLY working.'  Son Mark is in his 50's now, he has experienced being exhausted doing estimates on upcoming jobs, but has not related it to what I call, 'Mental Gymnastics.'

I actually have three books in the oven NOW.  Two have me so exhausted, I haven't touched them in over a year. The third is a novel tentatively entitled, "The Appalachian Trail" sub title: (Over 2,000 smiles and some groans).  The two backlogged books are not fiction.  The AT book is historical fiction, 85% actual experience, 5% questionable and 10% fictional spoof (but logical).

I have built a house completely by myself, Sherry and I have built a house ourselves and I have built many houses with other professional help. The times we  depended only on ourselves, was physical gymnastics. I never got so tired I wanted to quit.

I (like many of you) have worked sick with no major drop in production. Writing is different, if I am not in the right frame of mind, the 'good' ideas allude me, or my mind wanders.

As I have tried to explain to son Mark, Every job is work. You may  think the banker, insurance man, secretary, paper pusher, etc is not working, but if they do not produce more than their salary, they don't last long, unless they are the boss's son or daughter.

Some laborers never learn you can get exhausted both with physical or mental 'GYMNASTICS'.

I hope you are having a great day.

Nite Shipslog

On the market  in 1947, produced 50 cars, out of business 1948
Tucker car, the dream of Preston Tucker.
 Rear engine
 Front storage for luggage.
 The cyclops head light turned with the steering wheel.
All instruments at the drivers hands Padded dash!  I can easily remember the billboards advertising this car of the future. Some used wings to indicate future and I thought it was going to be a flying car.



Every job is work for sure. I have never seperated physical from mental gymnastics. I believe they go hand in hand.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

TT is right they do go hand and hand. I've experienced times of mental fatigue. Best to walk away and leave it for a while. It gives you a new perspective. Something new seems to happen every day and very often those are the things that inspire us. Still cold here, but there is hope!

Lisa said...

I dont know how you do it Jack! Writing books, keeping your blog going with a new post every day or so, getting your exercise in, and driving around the country. I cant seem to stretch my days, time or mental Gymnastics that far.

From 32 degree Gtown

betty said...

If the work is going really well, I don't get exhausted physically or mentally with my work. However, if I get several hard dictators back to back, then I can feel a bit of mental exhaustion for a bit and that's when it is good to get up and walk around a bit, get a drink of water, etc. What has been physically and mentally exhausting is trying to set up workers to come and do the work we want done around here. People will say they will be there, never show up, etc. Along with exhausting, its been frustrating :) (but the work is slowly but surely getting done)


Rick Watson said...

Mental work can be exhausting. It often seems that physical work is easier to bounce back from.

Unknown said...

Work is work. I worked one girl office, 7 reps. in the field. 3 800 # and 4 reg. I handled calls from 5 states. Approved all expense reports and forwarded them to Home office for payment. I enjoyed my job but now enjoying retirement. PS: Volunteer jobs are also work.

Mevely317 said...

I agree with Rick, I find it easier to bounce back from the physical. (Not that I do so much of that anymore.)

Unfortunately, there are days my mind just won't let go at closing time ... much of it that's out of my control. Tom realizes it's best he give me a wide berth to "nap it off"!

Jackie said...

I wanted to comment soooo bad yesterday...
Please, know that I pray that you are feeling better.
Take care of you, Jack.
Hugs to you from South Georgia (and North Carolina.)