Saturday, April 23, 2016

I might have lied!

BUT I did say if the second implant worked half as well as the first, I would be happy.  so I should be happy, this one does work about half as well as the first.

There still is a lot of getting used to.  It was sort of a miracle that the first implant required no 'rehab training', I was told I might have to go thru extensive therapy with an implant. But when Dr. Jennifer turned it on, I heard clearly although voices did sound like ducks.

This one is different. I do hear voices like 'ducks' but also they are much quieter than the noise around. The Dr, says my brain has been lazy since I could not hear in that ear, and some parts of my brain must be reawakened or just awakened.

I have yelled, but so far it hasn't awaken. (LOL)
No update on our home yet, but I sure miss it.

Nite Shipslog

PS  I have been meaning  to say, I am not near my passwords and do not remember them. so I am off FB and other media I usually attend.  I get messages to go to FBeven for birthdays and I cannot.  SORRY

We miss all the conveniences of our home.

Comments OFF  (Yeah, I still love ya!)

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