Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Update from the little house on Ewing Drive

It is tough living without your house and your stuff.  (and your passwords).

(pictures from the Henry Ford I found on the laptop)

I never realized how many times I cheated and looked at my cheat sheet for my pass words.  I miss 'em.  How did we get through life without pass words? I get called to FB but cannot go, I cannot remember my new password. I just changed them all and don't want to redo  them.
(Remember the Burma Shave signs?)

Do you have snacks at your house.  We didn't bring any.  We did bring p-nut butter on one trip, but no crackers. You gotta try raisins in a bowl, heaping spoonful of p-nut butter. dip the spoon in the bowl and eat the raisins that stick to the p-nut butter, taking a little p-nut butter each time. (Hey you make snacks iffn you don't have 'em)
(The Henry Ford also has hundreds of famous guitars)

Sunday my wrist watch died in church.  Yeah I sneak a look at my watch when the preacher is preaching. :-O.  Anyway I thought no problem. I have three watches at home. The bands are broken but they keep perfect time. I will get a battery from one of them. Guess where the watches are! Dey ain't here!  I still don't have a watch.

Anyway we still do not have a ETA of our house returning. We have been pretty good at our walks, we average near 5 miles a day.

I will take some pictures of our 'studio Apt' before we are out and show them later.

Nite Shipslog

If I cannot find another car I can find my 1948 Chevy on all our computers.



Hard to be without a watch. Although alot of young people today do not wear one, it's ingrained in me to do so. Hope you get something back on your wrist soon. Here's hoping your HOME will be back in place soon.

betty said...

I have a brilliant system to remember passwords. Important things like banking, bill paying, etc., I use the same password. Non important things like Facebook, Blogger, etc. I use a different one. Can pretty much remember the passwords like that :)

I hope everything gets fixed soon so you can feel more at home :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be a challenge to live without all your stuff. I've had peanut butter and raisins on a celery or carrot stick before. We used to call it ants on a log. Hope you can return to your home soon ! Hang in there !

Jean said...

I like a peanut butter and raisin sandwich once in a while. Hope you get your home back soon. It's hot down here in south Alabama I'm hoping the rain will stay away until I get my grass cut seems like it starts raining every week about mid-week. Take care. Jean

Lisa said...

Passwords are a pain! I eventually changed all of mine to the same thing except for a letter or number or two. I also keep code words in my notes on my phone that help me remember each password for whatever.
Try that. :)
As far as facebook, I wish I could forget my password.

Home sweet home..Soon.

Mevely317 said...

I used to love those Burma Shave signs! Neat memories.

At last count, I've 43 websites here at work that require passwords ... so yes, I write them down, sort-of encrypted. I figure I've only so many brain cells remaining and I'm trying to be careful how I use them!

Unknown said...

I made a comment it ask for a password and I put one in and it deleted
comment. I am trying again. I didn't say anything important. Just
said I like the idea of building a retirement on the lot beside me.

Rick Watson said...

That's harsh! No snacks? How can you live :)