Monday, April 11, 2016

Promises to Keep

Animals will always be faithful!

Stories, white lies, promises  not kept, not your best times in life, but we have all encountered them.  One of our Blogger friends is in a new-to-them house and having work done, she is running into the, ‘I will be there, and never show up’ thing.

A friend of mine owned an Auto Parts Store.  I noticed several men bringing parts back, saying, "Bobby, this is not the right part you sold me.

Bobby would go to his parts book, then say something like, "Oh man I am sorry, that sucker calls for two different parts, here let me get the right one."  He would go in the back and get the right part.

This happened 'many' times. One day  Bob admitted to me he gave the wrong part to the guy, because he did not have the right part in stock. Then immediately ordered the right part to have it when the man came back.
I told him that had happened to me and it hurt.

I know Jack, but if I had said I don't have it, he would have went to NAPA and I would have lost the sale. .... Now I understood the logic, but I have been in the shoes of his customers before. I lost a lot of respect for Bobby.

I had a house on a deadline, the drywall was hung. My mudder (drywall finisher) William Pressley called, "I have a problem I cannot start this morning."
"William, you know I need that done, this will throw the painters and carpet layers off."
He said he understood, but this was important and could not be helped.

Some things are really annoying!

I rescheduled everything checked on some jobs and was back in my office. I looked outside that afternoon and there was William's truck with a bass boat behind.  He came in, "I know I lied to you Mr. Darnell, but you have got to come out and see this Bass."

I am shaking my head, it was a beauty, looked to be about 19 lbs.  He said, "When I looked out this morning, something told me this dude was laying in the waters of the Catawba just waiting on me. But honestly I feel bad about lying to you!"

William is still a good friend. He continued to be my favorite subcontractor.  Most folk would not tell you they lied LOL.

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SAD but true most people would not tell the truth. That was some fish story though. The fact you remained friends speaks volumes to your character.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would still be friends with someone like that too. It does hurt when promises are not kept and lies are told but when some admits they were wrong, it's a good thing and it's best to forgive and move forward. Many don't ever admit they've done wrong at all.

betty said...

Thanks for the mention, Jack, and the corgi picture :)

That was interesting about the parts guy purposefully giving the wrong part. That would bother me more than the dry wall guy who did eventually admit the truth.

I think that's why in the Bible there are so many verses about our tongue and our words; I think it is so much more better to tell the truth, no matter how difficult it might be and to also honor our words and commitments.


Jackie said...

I read this as we sit here and wait on someone who said he would come last Friday to give us an estimate on replacing windows...who didn't show last Friday, but said that he would call and be here today. It's 3:25 PM. (We didn't schedule anything for today because he said he would call and come to our home.) We've called his place of business. No answer. And the cycle continues....

Mevely317 said...

Jack Darnell, you're a better person than me. :)
When it comes to doing business, I'm afraid old William wouldn't have been given a second chance.

I have to hand it to my Tom. He's certainly not perfect, but when he was still working (handyman) he'd always call his client the night before to confirm. If a traffic accident (or something) was to slow his arrival he would call the client to explain what was going on, assuring them he was on the way. Little things mean a lot.

Unknown said...

I highly value honesty. 'Nuff said.

Unknown said...

Truth may hurt but always best because it will get worst if you lie. Hope
you are feeling better and looking forward to your home coming. I have most
of my plants out and it is suppose to rain tonight. The cats help me and now they are asleep on the deck.

Paula said...

We used to trade at a country store and one night the owner and my Dad and Mel was sitting outside while us women were in the store. A man stopped to ask directions and Sam the owner delibertly gave wrong directions. Mel later told me about it and was so shocked as was I. Ever since then I wonder what else he lied about.

Rick Watson said...

Sometimes the truth hurts both tellin' it and hearin' it, but both the teller and the hearer are better off when it's all said and done.

Lisa said...

That's why I could never be a "salesman". They have to lie about their products just to make a sale. Same with a car salesman. Somehow when they admit they lied to you, after the fact, it relieves their mind but doesn't fix yours.

A lie is the easiest way to hurt someones trust.