Saturday, April 9, 2016

Confession, life goes on for The Living.

I lay in bed a few weeks ago considering something serious, “Is this a heart attack?” The most unique pain I have ever enjoyed. I lay there and thought, “Are you satisfied? Did you do all you could?” I asked myself a lot of questions and I lay there, but very satisfied with my life. The pain was in my chest.  The heart has taken most of my family. I have asked both brothers, a nephew and several friends who have ‘experienced’ heart attacks, how did it feel?
(Pictures are from our first trip around the USA)

I kept going over the things I heard, but there was still the thought, this cannot be it.  It is a lot of pain, but I walked about 3 miles that day and did not get short of breath. Then it occurred to me that a friend had told me his doctor said, “The first warning of a heart attack is….. in fact …… a Heart Attack.”
(Me 'n Sonny with Roy Rogers and trigger's prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre)

So I decided instead of bothering Sherry I lay there and checked my life over. I am weird, pain is my friend.  As long as I hurt, something tells me I am alive.

I smiled thru the hurt and thought, you didn’t set the world on fire with new building innovations or a Best Seller, but you started a good family.  So if this is it, I made the right decision about the Family Cruise. That was fun. I did tell Ben I might never see him again, just before he returned to UTAH (but I hoped I would). Prophetic? Or maybe just repeating my daddy’s words to me when I was transferred to GITMO.  My Daddy had said, “You will take these boys to Cuba and I will never see them again.”

He  did see the boys a couple more times before he passed.

I lay there as calmly as I could and reviewed my life and I was satisfied. After about an hour, I figured I wasn't going to die, I got up and came into the living room and enjoyed the pain for awhile then  it eased.

I did Talk to Sherry about the incident and promised to see a Doctor if the pain returned. 

I am a strange guy, but I think all things work together for good. I do love life, but life does end, I won this time. Before you say it. I am not seeing a doctor until after this implant is complete. 

But today we walked just under 5 miles, hills and dales. I’m good!

I may still see the Dr. for a yearly physical.

I am glad I had that talk with myself, but I didn't mean to be this long..

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PS: I eat an apple most days, that is a guarantee, isn't it?


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