Monday, April 18, 2016

Cars and Emergency supplies

I just read a statistic on cars. The USA has 845 cars for every 1000 people.  That is almost a car for everyone in the USA (Men, women and children.) Japan is next with 595 cars per 1000 people. On the other hand Chinese folk don’t spend their money on cars their ratio is 37 cars for every 1000 people.
A load of Packards
I don’t know what it means other than many houses have 4 or 5 cars per household. My Sherry grew up with no family car.  They walked to town and rode the bus for trips.
A load of Buicks
 WE walked through the new housing development yesterday, and already the garages are full of STUFF and many cars are outside blocking the sidewalks. Every house has at least 2 newer cars some three.  We love cars, us Americans.
A load of Oldsmobiles
One other statistic, 48 out of every 100 homes have no emergency supplies. WE have no long term supplies ourselves. But enough food to last a few weeks I guess.  I am sure they’re talking about ‘prepared emergency supplies’, so I guess we fall into the ‘have nots’ in that case.

I know back when mama canned and daddy raised a hog every year, we had a lot put back.

Do you think it is important to have 3-4 months’ supply of emergency supplies in your home?
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1975 Chevrolets
Now itis hard for me to think that a 1975 anything is an antique!


Unknown said...

We love our cars..and had rather drive to where we go rather than walk. We loved antique cars and collected Studebakers, a few people will remember that make of car. They had a 56 Hawk that was a popular car and had good lines.
Our Dad drove Buick's and that is what I drove to get my Drivers License.
Love the 50's.

Lisa said...

Here is how I've always looked at it....There needs to be an emergency supply of food to last about 4 weeks. After that, Food is not going to be the problem.
Daddy always had a hot rod of some sort. I remember the Torino and the roadrunner most. then there was the "family" car which was a station wagon.

I like cars too


Back during Y2K we got a little crazy and bought some MRE's. But now we have no emergency supplies other than canned food flashlights blankets generator. LOVE cars too. We own 2 vans and a car.

Mevely317 said...

Yikes, 3-4 months?!? No, we'd be lucky to live off 2 weeks' rations! Tom enjoys his grocery shopping far too much. :)

I've finally grown into the attitude, I don't care much what I drive as long as it's reliable and has GOOD air conditioning. Since I work 30 mi. from home (in a circuitous route), public transportation doesn't make much sense.

betty said...

It is funny to see the garages jam packed with "stuff" and the expensive cars outside in the driveway :)

I think it is important to have at least a month's worth of emergency supplies; now that we are settling in, we'll start building up our supplies again like bottled water, etc. You just never know!


Rick Watson said...

We have several weeks worth stored, but without power to run the freezer, that would be reduced. We do have lots of dried beans and canned stuff but I'm not sure how long it would last.
We do have the tools to grow our food if we could get our hands on seed. But again, that would take some preplanning and emergencies are not something you know is coming.

Unknown said...

I just saw a headline saying this year is predicted to have an active hurricane season. I'm thinking I should at least prepare for hurricane-related power outages.

Paula said...

I was just pondering this subject about the amount of cars people own now days, it's crazy. John has three Ford Rangers and one Buick car in the garage that he doesn't drive but could without much work. I have one truck. Our neighbor is a single man with three vehicles. Another neighbor who is single. has four vehicles and his daughter who lives with him has one. That is a lot of vehicles in one little area. I don't favor my junk over my truck. I like my vehicle protected especially with the hail that has been going on around here lately. So many windows were beat out in San Antonio all the rentals have been taken up.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say that water is probably the most important thing to have on hand. One of my sons lives in an area where they could not drink the water or even brush their teeth with it for almost a week until they were able to clear up the water. The town they live in ran out of bottled water and he had to go elsewhere for water. We really can't do without it.